Thursday, August 22, 2013


This is one of my favorite type of book I love reading, as it has 24 true stories of faith by LDS people.  Books like these are so faith-promoting and keep your faith and testimony strong with great examples as these Saints.
The first part are by steadfast Missionaries with two young men who foiled the killing of Joseph Smith by William Law and  others, who had been spreading lies about the Prophet.

The next section talks about Missionary Heroes, with stories about Wilford Woodruff and a young man who felt he was too shy to be a missionary and felt he was rude, but he baptized many.

The next segment shares some Challenged Saints, especially a blind Harpist and Curt Brinkman, who lost both legs in an accident, who ended up being one of the first para-olympians who also won the Boston Marathon.

We also have Ellis Reynolds Shipp, one of only wo female pioneer doctors who fought her way through school, illness, raising her children and earning recognition.

The last segment is on War-Time Hereos with two brothers serving together with one saving the other brother's life after another soldier had said the one was dead   Another soldier spent 3 years in a POW Camp in Japan.

I highly recommend this soul-stirring book to everyone, LDS or not, it's that good and for everyone.

Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Published Date:  August 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4621-0466-6

Monday, August 12, 2013


When I started to read this enchanting and funny modern telling of Jane Austen's Emma, I didn't knows what to expect.  The first two chapters din't quite hook me like Persuasion did, but it finally hooked me.
Emma works as a receptionist for a dentist, but is bored by not having a more importan job.  Her mother, by the time she had reached Emma's age of 23, had accomplished much more, so she felt like she could never accomplish anything or measure up to her mom.   She even placed an ad in a paper looking for a friend,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                but not love.  She started Life Coaching a new young girl she felt needed help, but when Harri had issues with Emma's meddling, she finally realizes it's her life that needs fixing. 
She tries fixing harri up with Phil when Phil doesn't like Harri, when Harri seemed interested in Rob who was interested, but Emma was against the match and thought Harri was interested in Hank, wsho was actually in love with someone else.  Emma thought Hank was interested in her and when their friend Jena, popular country singer who just wanted some normal time with her mom was upset with all the fans hanging out at her front porch, she caused some problems for Emma.  She realized when Harri had feelings for Justin, Emma's best friend, that she loved JustinThere were a few very funny scenes, the first being when the Thanksgiving Turkey caused a few problems and the skiing trip caused even more mayhem.
I look forward to more good stories from Rebecca, as she is now a favorite of mine

I received my Kindle copy from Cedar Fort.
Publisher:  Cedar Fort, Inc.
Date Published:  August 13, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-46211-260-9


I had this book beside me next to my keyboard as a book to read next,  but it took awhile.  Becky told me early this year I was on her list for the blog tour for Emma, so I was able to read this excellent debut novel just two weeks ago. 
Anne Wentworth is a young 27 year old CPA in Virginia, helping her family in selling their old family home.  When she finds the brother of her ex-fiance has bought the house, she is uncertain of what to do or how to react.  When Neil starts dating a young friend o hers, she realizes she still has feelings for him.  When she was dating Neil years earlier, her parents were not supportive of their dating, esp with Neil wanting to be a police officer and not having a college degree and that she was just 19.
She starts dating a guy that seems nice, but too polished for her.  She starts feeling as if this guy is stalking her, so Neil and some strangers help keep her safe.
I liked all the characters except for her mother, sister Mary and the floozy dating Anne's dad.
This was a light read, but I thooughly enjoyed this debut romantic novel.

I bought my copy from amazon.

Publisher:  Cedar Fort, Inc.
Date Published:  feb 14,  2012
ISBN: 978-1-59955-947-6

Sunday, August 11, 2013


When I first received my pdf of Jay's book from his niece Amy, who also published this book, I needed a kindle version for my pc, so I found a used copy on amazon for 4.00 that turned out to be a new copy, so I had it easy to read for my hands.  I absolutely adored Jay's Stages and the way he laid out his life for all to read and enjoy.

From his early days on The Andy Williams Show when he would smile with those toothless smiles to the current days touring with Merrill and Jimmy, you know how genuine Jay really is.  We learn how great a drummer he truly is, that he dated Debbie before Donny did, that he has a fantastic sense of humor and is the best friend anyone can ask to have.  Jay is also the first Osmond to go to college and actually work outside of show business.  Jay even met his wife while working in the admissions office at BYU.  Jay took time off from show business, believing he needed to find out who Jay really was, so much as to hibernate in his apartment for a time.  When Jimmy and Merrill asked him to join them in touring when Wayne had to retire after his stroke, he was more than willing to help.  This is a family that sticks together like no other.  Jay has said he could never be a solo act like Donny, Marie, Jimmy or Merrill.  Jay has a penchant for details, like names, dates and places like I do, so Jay, if you ever read this, we need to meet.  and, make sure you bring Merrill and Jimmy. LOL

Jay has been an exceptional Home Teacher, going the extra mile, always calling his families when he's on the road or making sure he gets someone to check on them.  Jay is now finally a grandfather.  Once he felt sorry he'd never served a regular mission for The Church, but after talking with his Home Teacher one day, he came to realize all The Osmonds performing had been set apart as special missionary ambassadors and they hadn't been released, so he said he needed to do his part. 

One time while performing, Alan got too close to Jay, causing him to break Jay's nose.  I know the feeling, as my sister Debbie kicked me, causing her to break my nose.  I was around 20, she 15.  Anyway, they finished their performance, then Jay was taken to the ER for sutures.  For the longest time, Jay was angry with Alan, but did finally forgive him.  Jay is very sensitive, even though he is easy-going.

Jay was against the building of their studio in Orem, but was great in producing the show and doing the Choreography.

If you like autobiographies like I do, you'll love Jay's, as you'll come to know the real, up close and personal Jay Osmond.

I got my pdf copy from Amy Osmond Cook and bought my hardbound copy from amazon.

Publisher:  Sourced Media Books
Date Published: January 1,  2010
ISBN: 978-0-9841068-4-4

Sunday, July 21, 2013


This is a book I've needed in my life, as a couple situations have occurred that prayers have helped me with.  I've always taken problems to The Lord, getting the calmness and peace that comes with prayers.  Because of my mobility issues the past few years, I've not been able to get on my knees to do my prayers.

The thing i like so much about this book is how it's laid out with stories that Diony herself has experienced, from helping a young mother find the perfect skirt to wear to Church, from Joseph Smith's keeping the Gold Plates safe, from Corrie Ten Boom's facing her SS guard from the concentration camp after the war and forgiving him after her prayer, from the time her son from Alaska called, saying he needed her to pray for him when he couldn't after needing emergency surgery from the time she was able to finish sewing her daughter's wedding dress by asking Heavenly Father for help for the time her husband was late getting home from a late night meeting from work.  When we take our problems to the Lord in prayer, He will answer them in His way and time.

I would recommend this fast read to anyone having struggles with prayer. 

I received my Kindle copy from CFI.

Publisher:  Cedar Fort, Inc.
Published Date: July 9, 2013
ASIN: B00E0218X2

Monday, June 10, 2013


When I noticed Jeffery Dennings name in a comment field on my good friend Candace Salima's status back in late Dec,early Jan., I wondered if we were cousins, as my maternal grandmother, Sarah's maiden name was Denning and there are tons of Dennings in Idaho and Utah.  Well, to make a long story short, Jeff's grandfaher Bert Jones Denning is my grandmother's brother, which makes Jeff and I 1st cousins, twice removed. 

Once Jeff found out I was a book reviewer, he asked me if I would be interested in reviewing his new book about the military, and since I have totally supported olur troops since Vietnam, I was onboard and then, I also am proud to share with you that all my male relatives, from my grandfather down to my new son-in-law, have served in a war, and I can't help but be extremely proud of them all. 
Grandpa Andy served in the Navy in the China Seas in World War I, Grandpa John (known as Jack) served in World War I    in the Cavalry fighting Pancho Villa, Uncle David flying bombers over England and Germany, Uncle Stan on a Navy ship as a Radioman.  He was stationed in Pearl Harbor the day of the attack.  Uncle Ray was stationed on Guam and Iwa Jima as a Marine.  Uncle Gordon served in the Battle of the Bulge. He did get captured and won several prestiguous medals.  Uncle Dick served in the Air Force in World War II, Uncle Bruce served at the tail end of World War II in Occupied Japan and his twin brother Bob served in World War II on the ship The USS Boxer.  Uncle Norm was in the Naval Air Force, stationed in Northern California during The Korean War.  Uncle Herb was in the Navy during World War II.  My dad, Gordon, wanted to follow his older brother David into serving Our Country, so he and his friend went to the National Guard to enlist at the age of 13,  but my Grandma Jo had to go bail him out.  He finally did get into the Navy after the War and was stationed aboard the USS                 New Jersey as a Gunner's Mate.  He got his high school diploma while there.  My dad's Uncle Jack served in the Air Force in World War II, yet was just 7 years older than dad. 

My cousin Mike served 2-3 tours of Vietnam in the Army.  He was in the reserves for years after.  And, you know Jeff.  My Cousin Herb was at West Point and was in the Navy for some time, not sure how long.  My brother-in-law Rick served in the Army guarding the soldiers there, not seeing any action.My other sister's husband, George served in the Army in Vietnam.  My husband served in the Air Force from '66-'70 stateside working on the electronics on the F-106.  And, for the last but not leastis my new son-in-law Justin, who served in the Army in Bosnia. 

Jeff created a blog Warrior SOS to interview former military for purposes of finding out what they each have done while being deployed and what they've each accomplished and how their combat experiences have changed them.  We hear from several different men from different Wars and how each of their experiences affected their lives forever. 

What with PTSD and TBI that inflicts so many of our courageous men and female soldiers, it's great that they are getting the much-needed help to be able to have better coping skills to live with thse crippling battle injuries, as we're finding out that these are not mental disorders.  It's most difficult for them to enter a changed society and fit in.  Our military serving now and within the last few years since 911, they have been treated quite well, unlke our vietnam vets.

While reading the horrific stories of comrades being blown up, with faces half gone, is beyond me.  One soldier, who lost both legs and an arm, felt so much pain for these men who suffered more than he did.  These men woud lie there screaming and cry in agony.  This miraculous soldier is close to getting his Architects degree from Harvard.

One mother Jeff interviewed was Terri Reid, who saw two sons go off to War.  I totally admire her for her support for her sons, but maybe by having a father and step-father having served, has helped. 

Jeff's Uncle's experiences in a POW camp was horrible, yet amazing how Glenn managed to live through it, making him more of a man than before.  I believe these types of experienes can bolster a man's true character.  It's amazing what the human body can toerate, esp with Heavenly Father and our Savior with us giving us that strength to carry on.  Some of Glenn's experiences were somewhat humorous and I'm sure most men found some things to smile about.

Reading about Jeff's brother-in-law John Cloninger was special for me, as my Podiatrist is also LDS and a descendant of Julia Murdock's.  John was such a humble man, as was my late husband.  John chose the medical field that would take the least amount of time, Podiatry and found time to be a foot doctor on the battlefield, then in his own private practice.  When he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he was miraculously healed, but only temporarily.  When he was given a blessing, his family felt peace when he was told he would finish his mission in the spirit world.  The peaceful and sure knowledge he and his wife Cindy had that their marriage was for all eternity and not just until death do ye part was wonderful and that their hole family would be together forever just like our Primary song says.  "Families Can be together forever through Heavenly Father's Plan, I always want to be with my own family and The Lord has shown me how I can."  "While I am in my early years, I'll prepare most carefully, so I can marry in God's Temple for eternity."

Cindy's talk on the Atonement just shows us just how muchOur Heavenly Father and Our SaviorJesus Christ loves us and can help us on our way back to Him.  It is profound, yet so simple.  One most important thing thateveryone shared with Jeff and all who read this remarkably amazing book is how much they loved God, knowing they would be guided and watched over.  These courageous and most honorable men and women have fought and are fighting to defend Our wonderful counry, to defend our freedom and liberties because we do win Wars over evil, as Good will always win over evil and this wonderful country has been specially chosen as the Land of The Free and The Brave.  May God Bless America, Our Veterans and Our Statue of Liberty. 

I received my Kindle copy from my Cousin Jeffery Denning.

If this miniaturized copy of my review gets copied onto my blog, be aware it was caused by my anti-virus program, I didn't do it, honest.  lol

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