Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer In Paris by Michele Ashman Bell

Summer In Paris by Michele Ashman Bell

This new offering by Michele, and with a new publisher, hits a home run. Kenzie Williams has it all: a carefree life in New York with lots of friends, wealth, and talent. She also seems to do things she knows aren't right. When her parents tell her they are losing everything, due to bankruptcy, Kenzie is even more upset, when her world goes topsy-turvy, by being sent to her Aunt & Uncle's in Paris, not the french place, but little hickville Paris, Idaho, for the summer. When she finds out her parents have separated, Kenzie feels her life is crumbling down around her.

When Kenzie first arrives in Paris, she is met at the airport by her cousin, Calvin, and when he gets stopped by a policeman for speeding, she wonders how much worse her summer could be. When she arrives at their sprawling ranch near Bear Lake, she is surprised by all the beauty of the mountains and the crystal clear lake. She feels put upon when she has to rise at dawn with the roosters, eat gross looking oatmeal, make her bed, pull weeds, gather eggs and hang sheets out to dry. She's not even used to eating breakfast. She comes to learn how to make bread and rolls.

When there are a rash of fires in the community, they accuse Adam White, a young man who mysteriously disappears when Kenzie first sees him. She becomes intrigued by his quiet and compassionate ways when he saves her from an accident near his mountain cabin during a storm. When it looks m ore and more like Adam is behind the fires, it takes Kenzie and Allison to thwart out the surprising and guilty person.

You can never go wrong with a Michele Ashman Bell novel. She knows her characters well and has a great sense of humor and adventure in her stories. I look forward to her upcoming new book in July, her sequel to A Modest Proposal in her Butterfly Box series.

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I received this book from Valor Publishing as part of a Blog Tour.

Publisher: Valor Publishing Group, LLC
Published: March 2010
ISBN: 978-1-935546-17-7