Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hometown Girl by Michele Ashman Bell

Hometown Girl by Michele Ashman Bell

This second in Michele's Butterfly Box series is my favorite of the two, mainly because the setting takes place in a small town by Seattle, Washington, which is about two hundred miles from where I live, which also happens to be a small town.

The story evolves around Jocelyn, the Art Teacher, who was responsible for the Butterfly Box in the first place. Her grandmother died, leaving Jocelyn her old house. When the mayor of Milford Falls calls to tell her the house is in disrepair, that the property has become an eyesore to the community, Jocelyn is torn, as she is comfortable in her hometown of St. George. When the Butterfly Girls get together for their annual get together, her friends encourage her to move to Milford Falls.

When she arrives, she is given a ticket for going 13 miles over the speed limit, a parking ticket, then has major issues with her car. To make matters worse, she finds her ceiling caving in because of old pipes, birds in her bedroom, so she gets the local handyman, Jack Emerson, to fix the repairs while she does the painting and refinishing of new furniture she finds in town. She finds a friend in her neighbor Harry, a widower, who helps her in a business venture by growing a Raspberry Farm, utilizing both properties.

When things are looking promising for Jocelyn and Jack, the town and ward busybody lets Jack know Jocelyn's long ago secret she's been having difficulty dealing with and she feels the reason he has been shunning her is because of this, but when she finds out the real reason, that Jack has had secrets himself, it is a shock, but is a startling revelation for each.

When a teaching position opens up in Milford Falls, she knows that her prayers are being answered and she realizes living in a small town is what she has needed to really belong and feel loved and to put the past behind her.

Forever Friends Rating 5 Stars by Teri
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I received this review copy from Michele.

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Date Published: July 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59811-922-0