Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Melinda and The Wild West:: A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho by Linda Weaver Clarke

Melinda and The Wild West: A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho by Linda Weaver Clarke

This is the first in this Bear Lake Saga that takes place amidst the breathtaking mountains Bear Lake, Idaho in the late 1800's.
Melinda Gamble, who has been raised back east in Boston, comes west to take on the wild west and teach in a one room schoolhouse. She meets Gilbert Roberts, a rugged rancher and widower, who is afraid of committment, so is afraid to let his feelings for Melinda be known. She takes Jenny, Gilbert's rebellious 8 year old daughter, under her wing, knowing she just needs a woman's touch to earn her trust and and love.
Linda weaves a down-home country feeling story with some great facts surrounding Bear Lake. We read about a real life bank robbery by Butch Cassidy and his gang, learn how the pencil came to be and share Melinda's harrowing experience with a grizzly. When her Uncle William is injured during a blizzard, she goes for help and winds up in a distressful situation, but Gilbert is there to keep her safe.
I really liked the historic facts blending fact and fiction and how Linda weaves the narrative with the setting, making it feel you're right there along side the characters, feeling their emotions. And, the fact the romance is so refreshing. So, if you enjoy old-fashioned, home-spun stories, you'll love this book. There are four more books in this series, so you'll be in for a treat with excitement, adventure and romance.

I received my review copy from Linda.
Publisher: American Book Publishing
Date Published: Dec 28 2006
ISBN: 1-58982-367-2