Sunday, February 10, 2013


Last month, when I was reading Friends updates on my FB page, I noticed an ad by Robyn, (Ryan Hunter) talking about this new book of hers, so I sent her a message saying I wanted a copy to review and suggested she do a blog tour and the rest is history.

I really enjoy speculative fiction, especially one like this.  Brynn Aberdie is a young girl not liking the kind of life she is forced to live, where the government, One United, controls everything, even the way you think and feel.  Brynn's house is like everyone else's.  The main area is below ground, cement floors, the children do all their schoolwork on their PCA's, which are controlled by One United.  Brynn lives in a special section, away from her friends so that they can't become close.   All the public has been implanted with a sensor so as to spy on them with most of the people unaware that their freedom/agency has been taken away.   When she finds out that her father has been  killed by "terrorists," she, along with a close friend T, escape to join up with the Freemen. 

With the One United officers on their every step, they have to stay two steps ahead, as their very life is at stake.  When they encounter a settlement with several people who have escaped this way of living and who have removed their sensors, so as not to be tracked or overheard, they get a breather and get some much needed nourishment.

The excitement is non-stop in this thrilling, on-the-edge-of-your-seat page turner.  The imagry is breathtaking, some scenes are graphic, but realism needs to be there to drive the story along.  When Brynn has to go it alone for awhile, she's not sure she'll survive and see T again.  When the ending appears, it's a shock for Brynn to realize it's up to her to help save a people to get their freedom back.  It's a people's apathy and lack of education that allows their own government to slowly take over and though this novel is scary, this scenario could happen here.  I eagerly await the sequel of this well-written novel.  I loved the twists and turns Ryan gave us.

I give this book 5 stars.

Robyn sent me a review copy with the original cover.

Publisher: CreateSpace
Date Published: September 2012
ISBN: 978-147-9215-40-9