Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Most Important Catch by Jaclyn M. Hawkes

The Most Important Catch by Jaclyn M. Hawkes

When I was asked to be a part of the blog tour for Jaclyn's new upcoming book, I wasn't sure that Lexie added me, so was thrilled she had me slated for the tour, but had tried contacting me through my FB page, which I hadn't been getting messages from. I want to say how very much I enjoyed this rollicking novel that has everything you could want or dream of in a novel.
For starters, we have Miss Kelly Campbell, an RN working at a Psych Facility in Chicago, where she is suscpicious of a doctor she's been dating. She's overheard conversations about a couple of mysterious deaths from reading medical files and when the Spirit keeps prompting her to do something, she goes to her Uncle Roy, who suggests she go to the police, then she realizes her life is in danger, so goes to her cousin's motorcycle shop to borrow an old bike to disappear with. With the full leatherings she needs and a tinted helmet, Kelly is able to disguise herself, esp with her beautiful reddish-brown long hair.
When she finds herself out of gas in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina, she is befriended by none other than the most eligible NFL player in the League, who plays for the Carolina Panthers. Robby has just bought himself a run -down farmstead and hires Kelly as a caretaker. To his utter amazement, she turns his farmhouse into a home.
As I love the country, I absolutely loved how she took it upon herself to do all the fixings for the most part. Jaclyn was so good at having Kelly and Roddy listening to the promptings of the Spirit in helping them each to find peace. With the added real-life panther added to the mix was brilliant. The comedic scenes were perfect, kept me laughing long after the scene was over.
For me, I felt Kelly was too pig-headed to realize why Roddy loved her for who she was, not those female bimbos who cling to professional athletes like flies.
When the danger gets closer, Kelly has to run again, but with the help of Roddy and his friends, she is safe to come home to her family and to find the peace, love and happiness she has wanted.
Lexie asked me to share a bit about my dad being an NFL Official for 22 active years on the field and his last 5 years in the Administrative end of things. He played football at Fremont High in East Los Angeles in the 40's. played college ball at Compton Junior College for the well-known coach Tay Brown, then went on to play for the Occidental Tigers in L.A., where he was All-American and almost signed with the Rams in the 50's. He taught high school at Narbonne in Lomita, then transferred to Harbor College in Wilmington, where he taught and coached most sports. He started his officiating career off by working high school games, then small colleges, where he worked his first Rose Bowl Game on Jan 1, 1970, then began his long career with the NFL, working a play-off game every year except his first. He worked 2 Super Bowl's, the 18th and 23rd and worked a few Pro Bowls and also worked 3 Battle of The Network Stars during the late 70's, early 80's. During his last 5 years, he wrote The Rule Book, observed officials and graded them and conducted officials clinics twice every summer with long exams. Since I grew up watching my dad playing college ball, I grew up loving the game and other sports. My hubby and I went to the last Battle of The Network Stars at Pepperdine, meeting several celebrities then and before. One of my favorite football players my dad introduced me to and that was John Cappelletti, who played for the LA Rams then and was the Heisman Trophy winner from Penn State in '73. If you want to read or see Something For Joey, the true story about John and his younger brother, I'll have my review up on Teri's Silver Screen soon.
If you like suspense, drama and comedy all wrapped up in one, you'll love this newest offering from Jaclyn Hawke.

I received my review copy from Jaclyn.

I give 5 HUGE stars to this book.

Publisher: Spirit Dance Books
Date Published: March 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9851648-0-5