Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Perfect Fit by Michele Ashman Bell

The Perfect Fit by Michele Ashman Bell

This last installment in the Butterfly Box Trilogy was my favorite, as it tied everything up with a huge climax as to what caused Ava's accident. With a surprising and shocking prologue, it took me to about 3/4 through to figure out who was behind everything.

Andi Martin, fitness guru and the only remaining to be single, decides to apply to be a contestant on the reality show Looking For Mrs. Right that was taking place in Hawaii. Before she leaves for Hawaii, Andi receives a couple ominous e-mails. On the day before she is to arrive at the plantation/mansion of where Michael Makua is waiting for his Mrs. Right, she finds herself at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast.

When Andi makes the first cut that allows her to stay at the mansion, she is totally in for a surprise. A few of the other contestants feel jealous of Andi because Michael chooses her for the first one-on-one date. When a few so-called accidents happen to Andi, she becomes suscpicious and alarmed.

When she leaves the show to be near Chloe, who'd been injured in an accident and was in a coma, she realizes she is falling for Michael. When she visits Lauryen in New York, she and Cooper seem to be hitting it off, but Andi realizes she still has feelings for Michael and when Michael follows her to New York, she's confused, as Michael isn't a member of her faith and is not sure she can forgive his checkered past as a playboy. When both Andi and Michael's life are threatened, it brings on strength, courage and determine she never thought she had.

I highly recommend this book that takes us into the world of reality TV andwhat happens when you get 24 single beautiful women together under one roof vying for the a t tentions of one handsome,rich young man.

I received this review copy from Michele.

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.b
Date Published: May 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60861-233-8