Saturday, May 25, 2013


All the reviews I read on Laugh Lines made me think this is the book for me and I was correct.  This memoir is different from most like Wayne's brother Merrill's is.  This book is laid out in chapters with different topics about Wayne's life and there are little sidenotes from his five children: Steve, Amy, Greg, Sarah and Michelle.and, Wayne's wonderful wife, Kathy, of almost 39 years of marriage.  Interspersed among the anecdotes about their dad comes Wayne's collection of jokes, some of them his own.  While reading the first chapter of jokes, one stood out, as it brought back a humorous experience about the mad cow disease my late husband Bob shared in a nursing home in Ft. Wayne, Indiana back in '04.  I remembered a couple more that I sent to Wayne & Kathy last night and hope they enjoy them.

Wayne was by nature an introvert, but listening to his jokes and watching him on stage and how funny he is, belies that statement.  I've thought for some time how ironic it was that each of the brothers are two years apart all down the line until Jimmy b roke that mold by being four years younger than Marie.  Maybe being born after the only girl in this amazing Osmond family was what caused this phenomenon.

While reading about Wayne's personality, esp with his dress code, I had to laugh at how the kids could explain verbatum what their dad would be wearing in public.  Wayne was and is totally comfortable in his own shoes, as he knows tht God loves him for who he is and that shows a great humility.  I watched a video on Youtube the other day where a Talk Show Host scoffed at his jokes and it bothered me, as they were funny.

When Wayne was young, he would love to read, but it was hard with having to share a big bedroom with six other brothers, so his mom Olive let him have the tiny bathroom to read and study in.

Wayne had his pilot's license before his driver's license and his kids made cracks about his driving.  One time, he, Donny & Marie had the chance to go up with the famous Thunderbirds.  Wayne had the opportunity of flying that plane, doing manuevers even the pilot was uneasy with.  I guess Donny was having such a great time, he just laughed.

I've been so impressd by the awe some and amazing talent these Osmonds have.  By Wayne's telling, he can play 13 instruments and I can believe it.  He can play the saxophone, flute, drums, trumpet, trombone, banjo, piano, clarinet, bagpipes, violin and guitar, which totals eleven.  I'm thinking if he can play the piano, he can play the organ.  He can tap dance as well.

When the Brothers took a break from recording and touring to direct, produce and write for The Donny & Marie Show, Wayne felt kind've sorry he couldn't write and play more rock songs like "Crazy Horses."  They never resented doing the show, as they did it for the betterment of the family. 

Wayne's kids said their dad would always get lost on camping and fishing trips, but they have so much love and respect for their dad when he stops to say a prayer to Heavenly Father for guidance to get to where they're going.

Wayne's health has been a problem over the years, with his brain tumor some years back and his recent stroke in late 2011 that has caused him to retire from performing.  We sure miss Wayne with that baritone voice of his.

Wayne is a regular handyman around the house, has many projects he has completed.  Once, while on a tour olf Canada, the Brothers flew to Canada annd the band, crew and equipment got stuck for 14 hours, as Wayne's 400 lb suitcase full of lead for making bullets, had to be cleared.

Well, I really enjoyed the part where Donny and Marie handcuffed he and Kathy together at their wedding luncheon.  Then Donny did a number to Wayne's car with tons and tons of cans of whipped cream all over and inside of the car, tons of cardboard stuffed everywhere.  Being a part of The Osmond Clan has to be a huge barrel of fun and love. 

If you don't know much about The Lsmond's and what makes them who they are, run to your nearest bookstore or buy it off Amazon. 

I obtained my copy from Amy Osmond Cook, publisher of her dad's and Uncle Jay's books.

Publisher:  Sourced Media from San Clemente, CA.
Published Date: January 1, 2009
ISBN: 0-984106804


Friday, May 10, 2013


As I've always loved reading about near-death experiences, when I heard about Marlene's new book, I had to get it and be a part of her blog tour.  I've got my caregiver Marlene borrowing my copy while she and her hubby travel to Idaho next weekend, so she'll read it to her hubby on the way and back.  I have a close long-time friend who left The Church in '07 b ecause she started believing she'd never see her loved ones again and this saddens me, as so many other faiths believe this.  When you've seen deceased relatives as I have, you know this without any doubt.  There are those who seek after a sign, but those are not living in accordance to the fullness of The Gospel.  Some of us have to live on faith.  Faith has gotten me through so much.  Read my bio here on my blog and you'll see what I mean.
Anyway, reading about our early Saints having near-death experiences was really eye-opening in places.  This is a book not to be taken as light hearted reading for entertainment.  This is total Gospel Doctrine and it brings to us that we will see our loved ones again.  With near-death experiences, we hear in total detail from each person what they each experienced.  Everyone experiences total release of pain the second they leave their mortal bodies.  Some say they go upward through the ceiling towards a dark sphere or tunnel until they come to a brightness unlike anything experienced.  Some see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  We go through a partial judgment now, then have the final judgment later.  Jesus Christ, for awhile, will keep his s cars in his hands toshow others.  These early Saints are shown vibrant colors like never been seen on earth, that the flowers have many parts and we can see the actual life of a flower and see it grow.  This is something I read in Lance Richardson's The Message. 

Each person said they had the choice of staying or going back to their mortal bodies.  Most people wanted to stay, but felt the need to go back.  This was an act of humbleness, knowing that the pain in returning to some was unbearable, but only for a short time.  These people were told they still had assignments on earth to fulfill before it was their time to die.  Some had miraculous healings aft er their experience and lived long lives, while others died within a few years.  Some relatives are angry that their family on earth have not done their Temple work and let that family member know, as alot of our deceased relatives/ancestors have been waiting for years to have their work done and they can't progress until it's done. 

Time and space are different in the spirit world, as spirits can gol from place to place in a twinkling of an eye.  Spirits can communicate via thought processing.  Animals are there and so are our pets and can communicate with them as well.  There are people earnestly engaged in building big mansions, small houses, doing Genealogy, Gardening, Reading, listening to good music.  There are miles of fields, rustling in the breeze. huge stadiums where religous meetings are being held, tons of foliage everywhere. 

Some people believe the spirit world is here on earth,  but in another sphere, and I firmly believe this.  Because we have our free agency to choose, we don't have to choose the path we should follow, but the road back can be difficult, and knowing that it is much more difficult for spirits to repent than we mortal people.  And, from other near-death experience books I've read, spirits look in their prime, around 35 years old.  They also never tire and do eat.                                                                                                                        Our deceased loved ones are close by, some do ask how their friends and relatives are, so do care, more than they did while here on earth.

So, please do youself a huge favor and buy this wonderful book and I bought it first on Kindle, but decided to buy it in softcover, so I could hold it in my hands.

I bought 2 copies from Amazon. 

Publisher: Cedar Fort
Date Published:   Jan 8,  2013
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1127-5

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


When I first bought this book and read it when it was first published, I wasn't a book reviewer and since I've been watching and listening to YouTube videos of John, I decided to review his Take Me Home.  After so many years of not reading a book, and me being older and a little wiser, I came away with more insights and perspective on John.  To do a review justice, we need to be unbiased, especially with such a complex person as John was.  I've read a few review here that are quite negative, as he appeared to be an enigma, what with the fact he was so serious about life, always taking himself serious, hiding behind his huge smile and his hundreds of “WoW’s” and “Far Out’s.” We tend to forget that alot of our celebrities are very insecure, that they need that attention of being onstage to feel secure.
John came from a military family, not getting the love and r ecognition he so craved, especially from his father.  I was raised in the 50’s and 60’s like John was, but I had parents who listened and did things together as a family.  John’s mother was high strung, wanting to pllease her husband, who was always gone.  John’s mom always did things for John and his brother Ron, which doesn’t teach too much responsibility for us. 
John was given his first guitar by his grandmother, so he was singing and playing guitar at a young age.  As he was an Air Force brat, his family moved around alot.  He was born New Year’s Eve in 1943 in Roswell, New Mexico, though he lived in Texas, Alabama, and Japan before his father retired from the Air Force.  John so wanted acceptance from his father.  Before his father died in the mid 80’s, his dad had taught John to fly and he got some semblance of closure with his dad. 
He started singing in Coffeehouses in his early 20’s, living in an apartment with Randy Sparks, leader of The First Edition with Kenny Rogers.  One singer from those early days he didn’t think much of was David Crosby.  After singing around, he heard that Milt Okum was looking for a replacement for Chad Mitchell, so he wound up as their new lead singer for 3 years.  At this time, he met Annie Martel and they married a few years later in ‘67.  A funny incident occured on their honeymoon, c ausing annie to go to the ER.  She had a cracked rib from being a little rough in bed.  LOL. 
It wasn’t too long after that John wrote “Leavin’ On A Jet Plane.”  Peter, Paul & Mary really loved it and it was their only #1 hit!!!
His association with Jerry Weintraub as his manager was a  volatile one, finally ending bitterly.  John enjoyed acting, but didn’t get some roles he’d wanted, due to Jerry.  He also enjoyed all the variety shows and hosting The Tonight Show all those many times.  I had the privilege of seeing him twice on that show and seeing him perform many times in Southern California, once with my cousin, once with my sister and the last time, with my late husband, Bob, just a week from being home from our honeymoon on 27 Sep ‘80.  That engagement was the last concert to be held at The Universal Amphitheater as an outdoor concert venue.
John came into his own when he took his mujsic even further by embracing important issues regarding the ecology of our planet, the Alaskan wilderness and everything good about our planet earth and even our hunger all over the world, our solar system and wanting to go into space as an Astronaut.  His songs epitomized all that he stood for.  He said his songs were really our songs, as he wrote them for us so that we could feel good about ourselves.
He speaks honestly about his forays into smoking marijuana, experimenting with LSD and Cocaine.  He felt  badly about the public knowing about his drug days, as he wanted to have his fans think well of him.  I never took drugs, even though a former boyfriend of mine smoked pot around me on occasion, as that was just not my thing.  In the book, he talks about one DUI he had and had his friend drive down the mountains of Aspen, as he had a suspended license for 2 months.  He mentioned he didn’t think he was drunk enough not to drive. 
The only time he’d goltten in a rage was the day he  came to his home in Aspen with a electric saw to chop up a table and bed he hated because Annie had had a favorite tree of his removed without discussing it with him first.  That’s very understandable, but not the right and mature way of handling things,but Annie wasn’t either.  Their marriage lasted 15 tumultuous years.  John said that Annie loved him in spite of his music, not because of his music. Because they couldn’t have children, they adopted Zachary and Anna Kate.
When John met his 2nd wife, Cassandra Delaney, an Australian Country Singer, she approached him and she would go on tours with him, which he liked.  Once they were married and had Jesse Belle, the marriage fell apart, as Cassie only married him for who John was and that he could further her career.
When I heard from my BIL that John had just died in that tragic plane crash on 12 Oct ‘97, I was so saddened and shocked, but then realized he’d died doing what he loved and that was flying.  The last song in this book epitomizes how prophetic that song was.  John, we so do miss you.  Rest in peace.

I bought my copy from Amazon.
Publisher: Harmony Books, a division of Crown Publishers
Date Published: Oct 1994
ISBN: 0-517-59537-0