Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Now, this the Awesome Book that started my love of the Awesome Book Series with my daughter Sarah buying this book for her fiance.  When I read it aloud, Sarah was turning the pages for me.  What she had taken the time to do, was to use little scraps of thick card stock with the word LIKE and replaced them with all the times LOVE was in the book, as she was in LIKE with Justin at the time.  He loved his book.  I knew I had to review this Awesome Book of Love and found that my regional library had all three. 
Dallas writes about so many types of love and his illustrations perfectly bring this out, both with illustrations and words, that this book is perfect as a gift for every age.  My hat's off to you, Dallas!!!

Publisher:  Harper Childrens Books
Date Published: 2013
ISBN: 978-0-06-211666-8

This second offering in The Awesome Book Series is all about Thanks and showing and saying Thanks for everything we have in our lives, from our animals, our Earth, our Planets,our parents, our health, just everything you can think of.  A lot of things around us, we tend to take for granted, so we need to sit back and reflect on what we need and should be thankful for. 
Dallas again is so creative with his words and his illustrations to bring the topic of Thanks to all children, be they young or old.  I love how the front and b ack covers pull you in and grab you from  the beginning.

I checked this Awesome Book of Thanks out from my Regional Library.
Publisher:  AmazonEncore
Date Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-935597-37-7


I just heard of these awesome books about 6 weeks ago when my daughter Sarah brought The Awesome Book of Love to show me what she had bought for her then almost fiance, now officially engaged.  I read it aloud while she turned the pages, totally falling in love with this book.  I decided to look for them, finding that my library had all three, so checked them out.  I just finished reading them, so you'll get three reviews for the price of one. 
Dallas had to go around, handing out this first book, e v en as much as reading this book.  Dallas illustrates his books so cleverly, really adding to the words.  This first book is about dreams and he wrote it for his son, Audio.
This Awesome book shares how important it is to have dreams, no matter how small or big, just that we never lose our opportunities to dream, because we are successful dreaming and dreaming is a part of life to treasure.
Dallas's illustrations are what captivated me and pulled me in.  These books are for the children in all of us.

I checked this book out from my Regional Library.

Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books
Date Published: 2008
ISBN:  978-0-06-211468-6

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

LET THE REASON BE LOVE: A SONG OF FAITH by Merrill Osmond & Janice Barrett Graham

Since this book was published 10 years ago, I had to buy my copy via Amazzon last year and it was well worth the price.  Merrill writes such an honest and poignant memoir, but much different in scope than others, as Merrill sets it up in sections on different topics that deal with life and how he and we should pattern our lives.
Merrill talks about all facets of his life, from when he was a youngster, he would get picked on at school when they lived in Ogden, from the stares and tauntings he and a couple of his brthers would get from a couple of boys from the nearby school for wayward boys, then in So. Calif when they were tutored.  Merrill talks about how all these trials helped make him a bet ter and stronger person in The Gospel and to stay strong to their high moral standards we in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints adhere to.  Merrill shares his strong beliefs with us on every part of his life and how he strived his whole life to keep to the iron rod.  Merrill shares his struggles with bulimia and his image, having to always be at center stage, being the lead singer, and being told he was "Chubby."  The image seems to be everything.  I've never thought Merrill as chubby, always thought him the better looking of the singing brothers. 
Merrill finds out after years of battling terrific highs, then terrible lows, that he was suffering from manic-depression, just like my 27 year old son, who has suffered with Bi-polar since he was 15.  This might give insights into his suicidal attempt at 18. 
Merrill shares stories about their touring days, when they were going through their financial crisis and coming out of it with their heads high, by going out on tour after the cancellation of the Donny and Marie Show in the 70's.  Everyone tried to tell them that building a studio in Provo, Utah wouldn't work, but it survived for five years.
One funny story Merrill shares is a time they are on tour and the brothers are thirsty and there are glasses of what they thought was soda on their table.  When they tasted it, the taste was entrely different, it was an alcoholic beverage!!!!  I'm sure things happen like this in the business for other LDS celebs.  I had a good laugh when I read it. 
One time Pres. Reagan came to Merrill to spearhead the Inaugural festivites, even to inviting The Mormon Tabernacle Choir to perform on a 100+ ft. float in front of Pres. Reagan, singing The Battle Hymn of The Republic, America The Beautiful and God Bless America.  Their were communication issues, as the weather wouldn't cooperate, so they were cancelled, then on again when the skies cleared.
Another time, Pres George W. Bush asked Merrill to spearhead a big rally in Washington and due to the President being delayed, had to do some things with the crowd until the Pres. arrived.
Merrill was the first of the singing brothers to marry at the age of 20.  One of their son's, Justin, was born with a 90% hearing loss, and just like his mom, Olive, she taught Virl & Tom, so Justin was not taught sign language and does extremely well today.
When the brothers took time away from their recording and touring to direct and produce The Donny and Marie Show, Merrill did a lot of writing, directing and producing.
Living by the principles of Our Heavenly Father and Our Savior Jesus Christ have cemented Merrill for life and beyond.  He has my utmost admiration, as do all The Osmonds. Please do yourself a big favor and read this amazing book.

I bought my copy from amazon.
Publisher: Tidal Wave Books
Date Published: 2003
ISBN: 0-9724770-0-4