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Room For Two by Abel Keogh

Room for Two is an autobiographical journey into Abel's short life with his first wife Krista was too close to home, as we have a 23 year old son suffering with a mental illness. This journey takes us from the shocking shot from Krista taking her own life to his new beginning with Julianna.

People who take their own lives have no clue as to how much worse it is for their loved ones when they take this step. Our son has attempted suicide twice, has threatened many more times than we care to think. This act is a cry for help, but in our son's case, it's more a case of wanting attention and a more selfish act. My Aunt committed suicide over 30 years ago by shooting herself. Her son, home on leave, found her and called me to talk and be consoled for two hours. Mental illness can be debilitating, but can be overcome or handled by medication or using strong positive mental attitudes to cope. Krista, I'm thinking, felt that with having two parents with a mental illness, she was doomed and didn't want to bring any children into this world, but that's just my humble opinion.

Now, both Bob and I can really relate to the getting married a second time after losing a spouse, as Bob lost his first wife, Barbara, from Marfan's Syndrome in '80. We met 11 days after the funeral, and were told at a YSI reunion later that year of newly married couples, that we had the shortest courtship, as we didn't even have a date!!! We got confirmation in the Los Angeles Temple that we were supposed to get married!!! What greater confirmation can you get!!! The day after she died, I was going through the Temple for the first time!!!

I can remember Bob telling me how a few co-workers at the funeral reacted to his being TOO happy at his wife's funeral. His bishop advised him to go out and meet people at YSI and we met at his first activity. His 5 year old daughter Mary, was with him, so I met both that day. And, I was never compared to Barbara in the ways that really mattered. We have blonde hair, both born and raised in California, both graduated from the same high school, she died in the same hospital Mary and I were born in, also my mom, two Uncles and one Aunt, were both Elvis and John Denver fans, but never knew her in this life. We both understand why polygamy was practiced. Bob has told me many times that he loves us both equally and if he had to choose, someone else would have to do the choosing for him.

Barbara was 33 when she died of Marfan's Syndrome and I was 32 and never been married, let alone helping to raise a 6 year old daughter!!! This is a very wonderful, uplifting, life-affirming true story!!! A big two thumbs up!!!

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224 pages
Cedar Fort (August 1, 2007)
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