Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stealing Lumby by Gail Fraser

This second offering of a series is just as good as the first book and so I'm eagerly awaiting the third vol that's on its way by the mail. I didn't want to wait for the other readers from our library to read it, so ordered my own copy through amazon. Anyway, this second installment has a priceless painting worth millions, being stolen from the New York Museum of Art. This painting is entitled The Barns of Lumby, which was painted by a world renowned artist by the name of Dana Porter, who came to Lumby 50 years earlier and fell in love with the barns. When one of the paintings actual barns turns up missing overnight, and its pieces turn up in the strangest of places, the townsfolk take action. We get more of the daily Lumby Lines newspaper, with all the police reports of all the happenings going on. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It's an absolute delight. You can go to this website to join in all the fun of all the Lumby-ites. At the end of this volume, wse hear from Charlotte Ross, the town matriarch, Chuck Bryson, the town Beekeeper and Charlotte gives us her great gardening advice and we even get a little sampling of cuisine from Lumby.

Forever Friends Rating 5 From Teri
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Stealing Lumby
by Gail Fraser
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