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In Joan's Defense: A 12 Judges Courtroom Drama by Ron Carter

In Joan's Defense: A 12 Judges Courtroom Drama by Ron Carter

In Ron Carter's stunning new 12 Judges Courtroom series, we see a murder from the start, the police investigation, evidence and trial like unto CSI, John Grisham and Law and Order. Joan and Les Carson have been married for 27 happily married years, when all of a sudden, Les starts getting irritable, forgetting things and people he knows, then gets violent with those closest to him, like Joan and his business partner. Joan winds up in her's and Les's best friend's law office, telling Ben she killed Les because of all the beatings she received from him. Ben takes on Joan's case, determined to hope for a hung jury. What insues makes for a stunning climax!!! If you love CSI, Law and Order and John
Grisham, you'll absolutely devour this novel!!!

The story of Joan Carson's murder trial is the first of the powerful new 12 Judges courtroom novels by Ron Carter. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees that all accused of crimes have the right to a jury trial. Historical precedent, dating back to the judges of the 12 tribes of Israel as well as the 12 apostles, set the number of jurors at 12-the number most often used today. While the result is a man-made, less-than-perfect system, it's probably the best on earth. The 12 Judges novels draws on Ron Carter's study of the Constitution and his 30 years of legal experience to show real-life dramas played out in this heaven-inspired, but human system.

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In Joan's Defense
by Ron Carter
ISBN-13: 9780975508046Pub. Date: 2005

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