Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Cat Who Went Bananas by Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Went Bananas #27 by Lilian Jackson Braun

In this latest from Lilian, we find Pickax in the midst of their opening of the theatrical production, the town is celebrating the opening of the new bookstore that is replacing the old one. Polly is the new owner and this causes a rift in Qwill's and Polly's relationship. There is much ado about the new marmalade cat, Dundee, that is the bookstore's new mascot. Koko keeps flipping banana peels to the floor, Qwill is frustrated about this monstrosity of an old wooden mansion on top of a hill, but is bewitched by the owner of the mansion and has help with getting stories to write on about this mansion. With the weather turning colder and the high cost of heating his 4 story (40 ft. ceilings) apple barn, Qwill makes plans to move to his condo next to Polly and other friends for the winter. He is suscpicious of the mysterious death of an actor in the play and some other unexplained deaths in Lockmaster. I thoroughly enjoyed this offering and highly recommend this one. It's much better than the two previous I just read. And, if you're wondering how many Cat Who books there are, there are two more with a new one on its way next month.

Forever Friends Rating 5 Stars by Teri
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Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Pub. Date: December 2004
ISBN-13: 9780399152245
Series: Cat Who... Series, #27
Other Formats:
Hardcover - Large Print - Large Print
Paperback - Large Prin - Large Print
Mass Market Paperback - Reprint

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JoAnn Arnold said...

Enjoyed your review. A few months ago, I was in my city library and found (on the $1.00 table) a hardcover, three complete novels of Lilian Braun. "The Cat who Saw Red, The Cat Who played Brahms, and The Cat Who Played Post Office. I had read of few of the Cat series, enjoyed them so I paid the high price of $1.00, and bought it. Can you believe that?