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Free Men And Dreamers Vol. I: Dark Sky At Dawn by L.C. Lewis

Free Men and Dreamers Vol I: Dark Sky At Dawn by L.C. Lewis

When Laurie asked me last week if I'd done my review of this remarkable series, I felt bad, as I'd not read or reviewed it yet. I had bought our good friends this first book for mowing our 1/3 of an acre and knew they loved historical novels, so when they read it, they had three of three of their six daughters read this volume, then one daughter borrowed my Vol II and they all loved this series just because I knew they loved historical fiction. This volume starts off with Jed and Frannie Pearson's life on a large Maryland Plantation before the War of 1812. We see how shocking some plantation owners treated their slaves, even with having them in shackles during the selling period. Even though Jed and Frannie and their parents treated their slaves like family, a few still felt like running to feel more free.

Some of the high society folk thought they were above the law at the time and would stop at nothing to get their older children to do their unsavory bidding like The Stringham Family who lived on the neighboring plantation of The Pearson's. Jed loved Hannah Stansbury, his childhood friend, but had to keep his feelings hidden on account of an old family secret that caused hatred by Hannah's mother, Susannah. When a crisis occurs with Frederick Stringham and his father, Frannie, who is attacked by a spy, she is ostrcized by the community and seeks solace at a Boarding School. When Hannah's sisters attempt to come between Hannah and Jed, they believe its for the best, even to setting up a suitor they think is better.

I really like how Laurie weaves a little-known person into the story by bringing the Restoration of the Gospel to the forefront of this remarkable epic saga. Captain Stephen Mack, Lucy Mack's brother, befriends Dudley Snowden, another Captain and Hannah's brother-in-law and thus tells him how Our Country is being guided by God and that America is the Home of the Free and The Brave and will fight for its liberty and will even sacrifice their lives to keep America free. I just started reading Vol. II, Twlight's Last Gleaming and will eagerly await Vol III, which comes out in Oct. Bravo, Laurie!!!

Forever Friends Rating 5 Stars by Teri
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Publisher: Covenant Communications, Incorporated
Pub. Date: February 2007
ISBN-13: 9781598112580

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