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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

I was the first to get my library copy of Mr. Brown's long-anticipated sequel to The Da Vinci Code. The only similarities to that blockbuster novel is that it's another thriller for Robert Langdon. This novel takes place in Washington, DC where all our nation's important buildings have Masonic symbols on them. And, yes, this absolute thriller and page-turner is all about the Masons and their secret society. Since my gg grandfather, my g grandfather and my grandfather were 32nd level, I've known a bit about this organization and my grandmother was in Eastern Star, the women's group. From reading this novel, I learned there was one higher level in the Masons and that the very elite have that honor of being a 33rd level.

This story starts out with Robert being summoned to the US Capitol for a special speaking engagement, but when he arrives, he enters into a completely empty room!!! Within minutes, Robert and a few others, including a high ranking CIA officer, are shocked to find the severed hand of Robert's best friend and mentor, Peter Solomon, who they find has been kidnapped.

There are flashbacks to earlier days in Peter's life where he has seen tragedy, along with his younger sister, Katherine, who is an esteemed Scientist working on cutting edge technology. Her offices and lab are in a secluded area of the Smithsonian Museums Special Center that houses miles upon miles of historical artifacts not seen by the public. Our villain is so cunning and brilliant, he finds a way to get into her lab while she's there doing research. When you think the coast is clear, this villain is two steps ahead. I was surprised by how cleverly Mr. Brown set that up, so that our villain Mal'akh, was able to keep that two steps ahead. Our villain so dabbled in the dark arts, it's no wonder he was so evil.

The thing I liked about this book were the interesting facts about our special buildings in Washington, like the Capitol Building, the Smithsonian Museum, The National Cathedral, Library of Congress, where looks are deceiving. Then the Washington Monument and the House of the Temple, the main Masonic Temple for the elite 33rd Masons. In this spellbinding novel, there are symbols within symbols and the race is on for Robert to solve this puzzle before it's too late. Is it also too late for Robert to save both Peter's and Katherine's lives and even his own or his Country? You better run to get this book to find out!!!! Another reason I thoroughly enjoyed this novel is the short, cliff-hanging chapters, which I so love with Mary Higgins Clark's books. And, for those who don't like Dan Brown's books because of all the fabrications in them, you've got to realize these are total fiction and he is a master story-teller!!! And, this is much better than The Da Vinci Code, at least, in my humble opinion.

Forever Friends Rating A HUGE 5 Stars by Teri
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Pub. Date: September 2009
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Excellent review, Teri! And though I'm still reading it, I like this book for all the same reasons:-)