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The Samaritan Bueno by Jack Weyland

The Samaritan Bueno by Jack Weyland

It's been awhile since I've read a Jack Weyland novel and this is one that really packs a wallop in the heart. Dan Winchester and his two best friends Chad and Jonathan are fullfilling their Ward Youth Service Project by putting together Christmas boxes for needy families in their ward. Well, this one day, during their Senior year, they deliver a box to the wrong address. Dan, as their leader, feels badly about telling Maria Sanchez, a young illegal mother from Mexico with her two young children. Her husband Eduardo is still working to get back with his family, but in the meantime Dan and his friends help out by giving Maria the needed money for rent and an illegal Social Security card to allow her to work.

Dan goes to the bank to withdraw money from out of his mission fund, put there by his long-deceased Grandfather. Dan and his friends get help from a sister missionary to teach the discussions to Maria. Everything that could go wrong for Dan, does go wrong and he winds up in trouble with immigrant officials. When his parents find out what he's done, he loses more than he bargains for, even his new found girlfriend, DeAnna, who helps support him, is somewhat frustrated at his not being able to join her in college.

I learned some insights on how we can treat this illegal alien situation. I feel there are some illegals here that want to use our government, yet there are some that want to live here, work hard, learn our English language and work to become an American Citizen. We need to do as Dan did and that is to help someone in need just like the Good Samaritan did and to not be worried if we are treated badly for doing a good deed. The Samaritan Bueno is a quick read, but one that will stay with you for along time. Thank you, Jack, for a well-done and rewarding read.

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Grandma Mitchell said...

Thanks for this great review. Jack Weyland is one of our family favorites, but we were not aware of his new book. This "Book Nook" is a great help. Love the reviews. Thank you and keep up the good work.