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Alma by H.B. Moore

Alma by H.B. Moore

As this was my first H.B Moore Book of Mormon novel, I was sort've hesitant to read it, but the up close and personal life of Alma and his family really blew me away, as the story reads like what our Country is going through now. From reading Alma, I was able to learn a few little tidbits about the area and culture of thse Nephites and the Lamanites.

As the story begins, we see Alma leaving King Noah's Court after Alma has repented an d changed his ways. Abinadi has recently been killed and King Noah is also killed, leaving Limhi as king. Alma, Helam, Abinadi's brother, and Raquel,widow of Abinadi, leave Nephi to find a place to live in peace, to be able to worship how they may. Maia, widow of King Noah, is kidnapped with some Lamanite women and winds up being a slave to the new King Amulon, a former High Priest in King Noah's court and former friend of Alma. Maia has help from The Lord in keeping from being King Amulon's 2nd wife. Alma has feelings for Maia and so does Helam for Abinadi's widow.

When Amulon and Korihor band together to take over the City of Helam, it takes all the courage that Alma has to keep from keeping his people safe. When he receives assurance from God that the Nephites will be saved, he feels calm and waits until The Lord says it's time to leave The City of Helam.

If you want an up close and personal look at this wonderful man and prophet who comprises a third of The Book of Mormon, this awesome historical novel is it. My three favorite Book of Mormon people are Nephi, Alma the Elder and Younger and Moroni.

Forever Friends Rating 5 Stars by Teri
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ISBN-13: 9781598118643
Pub. Date: September 2009

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Thanks for the review, Teri! I'm glad you enjoyed the book :)