Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans

The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans

When I first started reading The Christmas List on 4 Dec, I didn't know my wonderful eternal companion of 29 years would literally die sitting next to me three days later. I had read 100 pages by then and it would take me until just now to finish. I was able to read 150 pages today, which is my usual, so I believe I'm back on track now.

This was probably a good book to read while going through the grieving process. This is a wonderful story of a man who gets to write his own obituary and see just what and how his family, friends and co-workers feel about him. James Kier is a very powerful and rich man who has stepped on a lot of people's toes and his wife, who is battling cancer, serves him divorce papers for which he finds he cannot go through with. His secretary is asked to make a Christmas List for him of the top five people he's hurt the worst and he sets out to make am en ds, going about it in the wrong way, eventually learning more about where he went wrong and how to fully be forgiving to learn the true meaning of Christmas and to really have a change of heart towards himself and those he hurt. Some had already forgiven him, but by confronting these people, he learned even more about forgiving ourselves. I would highly recommend any of Richard's books, but be forewarned, they are tear-jerkers, so keep a hanky close by. I would love to see this book made into a Hallmark film, as it has so much for everyone.

Forever Friends Rating 5 Stars by Teri
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This is a Mid-Columbia Library book I checked out via their Outreach Program.

Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Pub. Date: October 2009

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