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The Message by Lance Richardson

The Message by Lance Richardson

My good friend and former VT highlyrecommended this amazing book to me a few months ago and found that my regional library had a copy, so checcked it out. Since I wanted my own copy and two of Lance's other b ooks, I called Lance's widow Jozete to request review copies and she sent them to me. I read the library copy and loaned my copy to my caregiver and close friend from another ward here.

Since I have read several near death experience books over the past serveral years, I found this book so inspiring, and so comforting, since I am a recent widow. For those who have strayed or lost their faith, this is the book to bring your life around, as it gives us strength and hope to what lies ahead after we leave this frail existence.

While in Finland years earlier, Lance contracted Crohn's Disease, which left him severely ill, having to go through over 30 surgeries and several others for other problems, having 100 stays in the hospital. On Christmas Day 1998, Lance had bought a used snowmobile and motorcycle for his two oldest sons and because the motorcycle wouldn't start, got his neighbor to fix it, so he decided to try it out, when it slid on some ice out of the driveway going only 5-10 mph. He was always told not to overdo, but this time, he ended up in more serious condition than ever before.

While in the hospital, after surgery, Lance, while in a coma for three months, experienced three different journeys to the spirit world, being able to reunite with his deceased cousin who was his spirtual guide through many glorious truths regarding the afterlife. He was able to find through his journies a better understanding of the importance of families and America's future. He was taught through some spirits that served in long ago wars the most important principle of their society of peace, which if followed by the people of Our great nation, would rescue us from self-destruction.

Lance was totally amazed at how we in the spirit world can communicate through our thoughts with each other and the same with animals. The scriptures tell us we will be able to lie down with the lamb and the lion peacefully and be able to communicate our feelings with one another with hugs.

Since I recently became a widow, this book gave me so much more than hope, it has given me a more deeper understanding of what I will experience when reuniting with my eternal companion and my otherfamily relatives and ancestors. I can hardly wait, though I now know that Bob is here for me when I need his guidance. The veil is so ever thin, brothers and sisters. This is a must read for anyone who doubts about an after-life, or those who just need that affirmation that we are that close to the Lord and Savior coming to earth again in all His glory.

Forever Friends Rating A Huge 5 Stars by Teri
Until Next Time, See You Around The Book Nook.

I checked this book out from my Mid-Columbia Library,
also received a Review Copy from Jozete Richardson,
Lance's widow, who has recently remarried.

Published by: American Family Institute
Date Published: December 2000
ISBN: 1-889025-04-6

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