Friday, April 30, 2010

Once Upon A Time: An Adoption Story by Ashley Hansen Bigler, illustrations by Amy Hintze

Once Upon A Time: An Adoption Story by Ashley Hansen Bigler, illustrations
by Amy Hintze

This little book geared for young girls is a treasure. Young girls wanting to learn about adoption and how this wonderul program works for parents unable to conceive, is so simple and concise. As my oldest daughter placed her daughter with LDS Social Services when she was 16, I could relate to this story very much. My daughter was able to meet her daughter last June before she headed off to BYU-Provo. She has since been together with her in Provo just this month, along with her two children and fiance.

The mother in this story eloquently tells her young daughter the story of how she came to their home and family. She explains how very much she had been loved by her biological mother and how she knew that placing her for adoption was the right thing to do. She was able to see scrapbooks of the couple so she could choose the right parents for her baby daughter.

This is a book I would recommend for all families as a tool to discuss why adoption is such a great thing for young girls to consider, rather than abortion.

Forever Friends Rating 4 Stars by Teri
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Published by: Cedar Fort
Published Date: April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59955-310-8

I received this book from the author Ashley Hansen Bigler.

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