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The Road Show by Braden Bell

The Road Show by Braden Bell

This superlative debut novel from Braden really puts Road Shows to a new level. We all in The Church have seen many Road Shows and know how absolutely corny they can be with the tawdry costumes and pitiful funny songs, but this puts Road Shows where they should be.

Scott Jenson, a theater teacher, who is close to losing his position due to ineffective work, is called as the new Road Show Director. He feels not worthy of directing the Ward Road Show, feeling the participants will find out his secret. He is surprised at how well the creative juices inspire him to come up with the perfect script. With the assistance of Ed, the ward outcast, they collaborate on some original music and serious scriptural passages into the script.

Stephanie, a young wife and mother of two, has been feeling such a failure as of late and needs this part in the Road Show to begin feeling alive again. Sister McDougal, an older lady, who is sick and has ward members talking about her behind her back and shunning her because of the way she dresses and the way her home looks, is enthralled by being in the Road Show.

Curtis, the Elder's Quorum President, is feeling too good for his ward. He feels that everyone else should be doing what needs to be done, that he'd much rather stay at home, rather than take his Priesthood Responsibilities seriously. He feels that the reason so many of the ward cause their own problems, he has to humble himself and really see them and their situations from a different perspective, before he can do his part convincingly.

When a cast member cannot go on at the last minute, Scott has to fill in and it's not until he steps on stage that he truly understands the Atonement and what it can do for him that he comes to really love his Road Show cast members and know that he can be healed. The cast come together at the end to bond.

Sister Cartwright, former Road Show Director, leads the cast in a very comical exercise in learning stage directions. One male member recites his part in Shakespearean English, another male member thinks he's a great actor just because he's done a few local bits. This little gem of a novel deserves a sequel. The Road Show is a very uplifting, very spiritual feast. I was totally moved, crying, as it touched my soul.

Forever Friends Rating 5 HUGE Stars by Teri
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Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Date Published: June 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59955-356-6

I received my review copy from Braden.

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