Monday, December 6, 2010

The Apology by Janet & Michael Weaver

The Apology by Janet & Michael Weaver
This debut Christmas novel that started as a 12 year old dream for Janet, was well worth the wait. Martha Day is a recent widow who has had regrets that her grown children haven't been as close as she'd like, so she set out to write a letter, inviting each of her three children for Thanksgiving.
Her son Bill has been having struggles, Charlotte is just too busy to stay in contact with her mother and Nellie has a secret she is afraid to share.
Martha is putting her memories together to give to her children, hopefully for Christmas, and it isn't until a complete stranger appears at Martha's door days before Christmas, do things come to a head.
This is a very heartwarming and honest portrayal of family relationships, identity, and most of all, forgiveness. This should be a Christmas classic for all families to read during the holiday season.

I received this review copy from Cedar Fort.

Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Date Published: November 2010
ISBN: 978-1=59955-450=1

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