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Elvis' DNA Proves He's Alive by Bill Beeny

Elvis' DNA Proves He's Alive by Bill Beeny

A few months ago, while perusing the internet for songs and info on Elvis, I found this and another book about whether The King is dead or alive. Since I've been a fan for over 50 years, and was a VP of one4 of his Fan Clubs, I feel like I'm pretty much an expert on anything pertaining to Elvis. I've also seen him in concert 11 times!!! All of those times were in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim and Vegas. I've done all the crazy things an Elvis fan does by spending hojurs in front of his home in Holmby Hills, seeing Priscilla and Lisa come and go. I even met an LDS guy that gave me wallpaper samples from that home when Elvis was moving. Anyway, after reading a few books on Elvis' mhysterious death, I have come to the conclusion that Elvis is indeed alive!!!! And, no,I am not crazy, b ecause 84% of the populous believe the same way I do!!!!

Bill Beeny, along with his son Andrew, have meticulously researched the many documents that one of the doctors who performed the autopsy, made copies of for his protection, so made copies for Bill and Andrew. With DNA evidence from Elvkis' two tests he had done in Baptist Memorial Hospital in '73 and '75, along with the “purported” body in the casket, the findings were conclusive that the DNA from the two hospital tests and the DNA from the “body" did NOT match.

Many of his family and friends said the “body” in the coffin was NOT Elvis'. Ekvis had ""Faked”his own death. For what reasons, you say? There are many, the main one being that Elvis had received 300 death threats over the years, as he was working as an Undercover Narcotics Agent for the FBI. He also had an Undercover Agent as part of his band.

Elvis didn’t have a heart problem, but did have an addiction to pain killers for a medical problem that was n ot life-threatening. The coffin weighed 350 lbs, so why? The autopsy stated the "body" weighed 170 lbs and Elvis weighed over 250 lbs!!!! Elvis' cousin, Gene Smith, stated Elvis had rough hands and a broken finger from Karate, not the smooth hands of this dead body. Several people saw "sweat" on his forehead and dead bodies don't sweat. Some family and friends were told not to worry, that things were not as they seemed. These researchers have found more startling evidence, but you can read that for yourself, as I won't spoil that for you, as there are some very shocking revelations that will be revealed once you read this fascinating little book. Elvis has leftv the building, but not life!!!! He told a lot of people he was tired of the way his life was, that he was ready for a change.

I received this review copy from Branden Books Publishing
Publisher Branden Books
Date Published: 2005

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elvis is realy dead. no rumors please