Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Presley Arrangement by Monte Wayne Nicholson

The Presley Arrangement by Monte Wayne Nicholson

When I was perusing the web for information on Elvis, I noticed a website advertising this book and it intrigued me. The only copies I could find on amazon were way out of my ballpark. I finally found a small publisher in my own home state of Washington and bought a copy. This book generated so much controversay when it first came out in '87, copies mysteriously disappeared from the shelves. Now you can purchase a copy from this small publisher who earned the rights to re-publish the book in '04. The book is so controversial, it could only be written as fiction. If you are an Elvis fan like I am, you'll love this novel and be wondering about it long after you've finished it.

Mark Howe is a newly retired cop from Los Angeles and he and his wife Brigitte are vacationing cross country in their huge motorhome. Mark decides to stop off at Graceland in Memphis to take pictures and practically runs into Elvis running to a quickly descending helicopter. He takes two pictures, one of Elvis standing by the chopper and the other a fuzzy photo with Elvis and two bodyguards.

What ensues during the rest of this exciting tale causes Mark to narrowly escape being killed. With the help of his brother Dave, a cop in Muncie, Indiana and a new friend that's a dead-ringer for Clint Eastwood, he is able to unravel the mystery of whether Elvis is alive or not, and if so, who was buried in the casket.

I've heard Monte is writing a sequel. I sure hope so. A movie would sure be great. If you've ever wondered if those Elvis sightings were not real, this novel should change your mind. And, just for pure entertainment and a suspense roller coaster ride, this book is for you. There are a few twists and turns to keep you guessing.to the end.

I purchased my book from the publisher.

Publisher: Living The Dream Press
Date Published: 1987, 2004
ISBN: 0-9761764-2-4 (trade paperback)

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Hey, I was looking for that book, too! Thanks for the review. Now I'll have to order a copy:-)