Friday, September 23, 2011

Bloodborne by Gregg Luke

Bloodborne by Gregg Luke

Bloodborne is a top-notch medical techno thriller. I had a hard time putting it down, was reading it while having my infusions in the hospital this month.

Dr. Erin Cross, research specialist, is having lunch at a local deli when a gunman comes in and shoots and kills a few people, including himself, but Sean Flannery, a former Marine, saves her from being killed. When Erin keeps receiving threatening texts on her cell phone, she seeks help from Sean when she gets help from a Wal-Mart employee by barracading herself in a dressing room.

When they find themselves hidden in Sean's remote cabin, they still feel unsafe and are told to fly to a secluded island in Hawaii by an unknown organization who seems ready to protect her. The sinister person wanting her dead isall-powserful and will stop at nothing to prevent Erin's research from going public. With Sean's help, they can outwit the enemy and keep thousands of people from dying.

One main reason I enjoyed this book was because Gregg went away from the usual stereotype heroine with the perfect figure. Erin is chunky and that is great. Thanks Gregg. By the way, mosquitoes do not like my blood, as I'm Diabetic.!!!! lol

I received my review copy from Gregg.

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Date Published: Aug 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60861-366-3

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Joan Sowards said...

Bloodborne sounds like an exciting novel. Gregg Luke is a very talented author. I hope to read this novel soon.