Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Unexpected Angel by Janet Halling

I didn't know what to expect when I first  started reading An Unexpected Angel, but I was quite surprised at how well I enjoyed it and Janet understands my  feelings.

This story starts out in New York City with all those skyscrapers and hustle and bustle that goes with working and living in New York City. Ella Davies has buried herself into her job and work, not allowing anything or anyone to distract her from climbing the corporate ladder.   On Christmas Eve, she goes into a convenience store to buy a few groceries for the weekend and shows how terribly rude and offensive she has become.  

When she notices the same man from the store in her apartment building's basement while she's on the Treadmill, she falls, blacks out and finds herself in Guadacanal in the midst of a World War 2 battle talking to an American G.I.  

Next, we find her beside a Pioneer Family  trying to move  a wagon off of the father's leg.  She is asked by her  Guardian Angel Cohen to help 3 men who are also angels and can see no     reason as to why she needs to help.

We next find Ella trying to help this young 12 year old girl find a way to get her away from an abusive family.

Her last stop, one she doesn't want to face, she has toface head-on,as she has kept this horrific tragedy hidden deep within her soul, feeling guilty for 20 years for an accident not her fault.

Ella's last and final stop is to go see and make peace with her father, who has had demons of his own.  It's so sad when we, as people, do the complete opposite of what Heavenly Father would want for us.  If we'd only give our lives over to Him, we'd be blessed immeasurably.   Thanks, dear Janet.

I received this pdf copy from Kathy Habel and Janet.

Published by: Cedar Fort

Date Published: Oct 9 2012

ISBN: 978-142111039



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