Friday, December 14, 2012


Since I reviewed Steve's pre-quel to Gold Clash, I anticipated this sequel with excitement, as I thoroughly enjoyed Defensive Tactics. 
Gold Clash starts off with an execution style killing by a mobster wanting more power.  We then switch scenes to a ward pioneer trek in the midst of early Church History sites and  was I excited, as Bob and I had been all over these areas in our very own Church History Tour in May '07.   Jimmy is an adult leader, along with Bishop Taylor, with approx. 2 dozen youth.  They were reenacting the Crooked River Battle that ended David Patten's life, so they were seeing how our ancestors lived and handled things.  When the bishop's daughter, Liz, is abducted by a thug who's been stealing artifacts from historical sites, the FBI, with Paul and Emily on the hunt, are ready to get them.  When Liz getgs taken, Clay, another teen on the trek, who's been suscpicious of Scud, hides in the truck, so as to see where Liz is being taken.  When Jimmy finds out, he hightails it away in hot pursuit in a leader's Dodge Charger and borrowed cell phone. 
Clay is ingenious by dropping cloth-wrapped rocks out the back of the truck to help Jimmy find them.  Emily and Paul race against time to save a town from being taken out by a bunch of hitmen and when the townspeople decide to take on the mob, it's an exciting time for all, even with the Mormon Gold.  This sequel is much more exciting with a bit of humor tossed in.  I love a treasure hunt, especially amidst a trek among a real life ward in Far West with the mobsters involved with real gold amidst Adam-ondi-aman, Richmond and Kingston cemeteries, Gallatin, Hamilton and Far West.  You outdid yourself, Steve.

I received my PDF copy from Kathy and someone else.
I give this  book 5 stars.

Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Date Published: December 11, 2012


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