Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I just heard of these awesome books about 6 weeks ago when my daughter Sarah brought The Awesome Book of Love to show me what she had bought for her then almost fiance, now officially engaged.  I read it aloud while she turned the pages, totally falling in love with this book.  I decided to look for them, finding that my library had all three, so checked them out.  I just finished reading them, so you'll get three reviews for the price of one. 
Dallas had to go around, handing out this first book, e v en as much as reading this book.  Dallas illustrates his books so cleverly, really adding to the words.  This first book is about dreams and he wrote it for his son, Audio.
This Awesome book shares how important it is to have dreams, no matter how small or big, just that we never lose our opportunities to dream, because we are successful dreaming and dreaming is a part of life to treasure.
Dallas's illustrations are what captivated me and pulled me in.  These books are for the children in all of us.

I checked this book out from my Regional Library.

Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books
Date Published: 2008
ISBN:  978-0-06-211468-6

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