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All the reviews I read on Laugh Lines made me think this is the book for me and I was correct.  This memoir is different from most like Wayne's brother Merrill's is.  This book is laid out in chapters with different topics about Wayne's life and there are little sidenotes from his five children: Steve, Amy, Greg, Sarah and Michelle.and, Wayne's wonderful wife, Kathy, of almost 39 years of marriage.  Interspersed among the anecdotes about their dad comes Wayne's collection of jokes, some of them his own.  While reading the first chapter of jokes, one stood out, as it brought back a humorous experience about the mad cow disease my late husband Bob shared in a nursing home in Ft. Wayne, Indiana back in '04.  I remembered a couple more that I sent to Wayne & Kathy last night and hope they enjoy them.

Wayne was by nature an introvert, but listening to his jokes and watching him on stage and how funny he is, belies that statement.  I've thought for some time how ironic it was that each of the brothers are two years apart all down the line until Jimmy b roke that mold by being four years younger than Marie.  Maybe being born after the only girl in this amazing Osmond family was what caused this phenomenon.

While reading about Wayne's personality, esp with his dress code, I had to laugh at how the kids could explain verbatum what their dad would be wearing in public.  Wayne was and is totally comfortable in his own shoes, as he knows tht God loves him for who he is and that shows a great humility.  I watched a video on Youtube the other day where a Talk Show Host scoffed at his jokes and it bothered me, as they were funny.

When Wayne was young, he would love to read, but it was hard with having to share a big bedroom with six other brothers, so his mom Olive let him have the tiny bathroom to read and study in.

Wayne had his pilot's license before his driver's license and his kids made cracks about his driving.  One time, he, Donny & Marie had the chance to go up with the famous Thunderbirds.  Wayne had the opportunity of flying that plane, doing manuevers even the pilot was uneasy with.  I guess Donny was having such a great time, he just laughed.

I've been so impressd by the awe some and amazing talent these Osmonds have.  By Wayne's telling, he can play 13 instruments and I can believe it.  He can play the saxophone, flute, drums, trumpet, trombone, banjo, piano, clarinet, bagpipes, violin and guitar, which totals eleven.  I'm thinking if he can play the piano, he can play the organ.  He can tap dance as well.

When the Brothers took a break from recording and touring to direct, produce and write for The Donny & Marie Show, Wayne felt kind've sorry he couldn't write and play more rock songs like "Crazy Horses."  They never resented doing the show, as they did it for the betterment of the family. 

Wayne's kids said their dad would always get lost on camping and fishing trips, but they have so much love and respect for their dad when he stops to say a prayer to Heavenly Father for guidance to get to where they're going.

Wayne's health has been a problem over the years, with his brain tumor some years back and his recent stroke in late 2011 that has caused him to retire from performing.  We sure miss Wayne with that baritone voice of his.

Wayne is a regular handyman around the house, has many projects he has completed.  Once, while on a tour olf Canada, the Brothers flew to Canada annd the band, crew and equipment got stuck for 14 hours, as Wayne's 400 lb suitcase full of lead for making bullets, had to be cleared.

Well, I really enjoyed the part where Donny and Marie handcuffed he and Kathy together at their wedding luncheon.  Then Donny did a number to Wayne's car with tons and tons of cans of whipped cream all over and inside of the car, tons of cardboard stuffed everywhere.  Being a part of The Osmond Clan has to be a huge barrel of fun and love. 

If you don't know much about The Lsmond's and what makes them who they are, run to your nearest bookstore or buy it off Amazon. 

I obtained my copy from Amy Osmond Cook, publisher of her dad's and Uncle Jay's books.

Publisher:  Sourced Media from San Clemente, CA.
Published Date: January 1, 2009
ISBN: 0-984106804


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