Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chaos by Jeff Downs

Chaos by Jeff Downs

When I read the review on this suspense thriller last year, I knew I had to read it. When Jason Harrington received a cryptic greeting card in his mail slot at the junior high he teaches at, he tosses it in the garbage, but when he finds his apartment broken into and totally ransacked and an ominous phone call, he runs, attempting to stay one step ahead of this assassin. Along with his ex-girlfriend Kelly, they search the internet for clues, even so much as hiring a private investigator to find out who is after Jason. They can't go to the police, as they suspect him of being a cop killer. When they find out the assassin is involved with the Red Mafia, they fear for their life. They need to find the person who can help get him out of this mess before it's too late. I highly recommend this page-turner, as the excitement never stops until the last page.

Forever Friends Rating 4 Stars by Teri
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Paperback Publisher: Covenant Communications (2007) ASIN: B000WZUKMG

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JoAnn Arnold said...

Mmmm, sound intriquing. I think I'll add it to my list