Monday, October 6, 2008

Freefall by Traci Hunter Abramson

Freefall by Traci Hunter Abramson

Brent Miller and his four Navy Seal Teammates work together to rescue 7 hostages in the Middle East, then by an accident, he and Amy Whitworth, a senator's daughter, are left behind, so they need to find their own way out by depending on each other for survival. They use every means of survival. After being rescued, and then being protected by the Secret Service, as there've been biological weapons being planted in cities around the world, the Team, with Amy's assistance, tries to thwart the terrorists. When there's a leak close to the senator, Brent and his team snuff out the culprit. Learning about the ways of a Navy Seal makes for interesting reading. If you like twists and turns with some humor tucked in, you'll want to run to your nearest LDS bookstore to buy this page-turner.

Forever Friends Rating 5 Stars
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ISBN-13: 9781598115109 Pub. Date: February 2008


Jewel's Gems said...

Great interview, Teri. Sounds like a good book:o)

JoAnn Arnold said...


You always write great reviews, and I want to run right out and buy the books. This one sounds full of espionage and intrigue. I'm going to have check it out.

govtrumbull said...

"Free Fall" was the first book that my Wife and I listened to on CD during a trip from Reno to Salt Lake. Mrs. Abramson is an excellent story-teller and even Males can enjoy listening to the webs she spins in her novels.

You can tell from reading her books that she has knowledge of CIA operations. I am wondering which character in the books she has written is actually Traci herself since she was a CIA Agent?

While she isn't as complex in her writings as someone like Tom Clancy, Traci still spins a good story and her writing is entertaining and fun to listen to on tape, and get lost for a while in book form.

Since we listened to "Freefall," we have purchased three more books of Mrs. Abramson. I have to admit that her stories are contagious and offer a good escape.