Monday, November 15, 2010

Cold As Ice by Stephanie Black

Cold As Ice by Stephanie Black

With each novel Stephanie writes, she keeps getting better. I absolutely love her cliffhangers, she is so good at what she does, as she grabs you from the start and pulls you in. Way to go, cousin!!!

Abigail Wyatt is beginning to believe her younger brother Derek has left his demons behind him by starting over. He's getting his career off to a good start by making jewelry with stones. When a dinner party with his parents fizzles after not talking with them in five years, he literally runs, leaving Abigail tied up. His pushy landlord is after the back rent Derek owes and when she is found murdered in a nearby park, he knows he will be the number one suspect.

When the police question Abigail about her brother, she gives up more information that puts her brother in a darker light. When it looks more and more like Derek is being setup, with the help of friends, she digs into the troubled murdered woman's past, finding a long ago murder that could tie-in to this murder.

When Abigail and her brother are injured, things begin to get suspicious and that she is getting too close to the truth and that someone will stop at nothing to silence her. Abigail even seeks for the murdered woman's mother to find out what was troubling her daughter and finds more than she bargains for.

I highly recommend this nail-biter of an ending. If you enjoy top-notch suspense, you'll love this newest from the queen of LDS suspense. As the title says, it reminds us of the hit song "Cold As Ice" throughout the novel.

I received my copy from Stephanie Black.

Published by: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Date Published: August 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60861-013-6

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