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Tennis Shoes Adventure Series: Sorcerers and Seers by Chris Heimerdinger

Tennis Shoes Adventure Series: Vol. 11: Sorcerers And Seers by Chris Heimerdinger

Well, it's about time we get to read more about the adventures of Jim Hawkins, his sister Jenny and Garth Plimpton, plus all their children and the Book of Mormon and New Testament characters we've come to love. The first time I heard Chris was close to finishing this Volume was last year and the deadline came and went, so we found out it was being released early Sep of this year. Well, the wait was well worth it, but Chris, please not keep us in suspense another five years!!!!

For those not familiar with the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series, the first Volume is entitled Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites. Jim, Garth and Jenny embark on a fascinating and terribly exciting journey into Book of Mormon and New Testament lands, winding up in Frost Cave, Wyoming that takes them on a time travel journey of mass proportions.

In this volume, we find Jim and Jenny side by side with the Mortal Messiah in Gethsemane and Golgatha, while witnessing the wrath and rejection of His followers, ones who cannot comprehend His full earthly mission to save mankind.

Joshua Plimpton, Chief Captain of the Nephites, is on a quest to destroy the vilest of villains to rescue the Golden Plates. He has both the sword of Laban and the Liahona with him. He has times of struggling with his faith, but he manages to realize whose side he is fighting for and his faith becomes strong with the aid of Hamira, one of King Omer's granddaughters. They come in contact with huge Mastadon's as they journey towards Cumorah.

We continue to savor the exploits of Appollus, our fearless andcourageous Roman Centurion, who shows Meagan just how much he loves her when she is seriously injured by a "Gadianton Ghost."

It's surprising for the group when they find how adept Huracan, the black jaguar is, who has been with the group for a long time as well as Rafa, Harry's constant companion and a Perigrine Falcon, who appears to know when things will happen to warn the group ahead of time.

Other characters we're friends with are Gidgiddonihah, who died and was brought back to life to change history, Rebecca, Josh's 10 year old sister, who was also born in Book of Mormon days, Marcos,a former Gadianton Robber, Mahonri Moriancumr, the brother of Jared, Pagag, son of Mahonri Moriancomr and Ryan Champion, former boyfriend of Meagan. And,then we have Steffani, Jim's daughter and the most athletic of the Hawkins children and constant companion to Pagag.

If you love time travel as I do, you'll love this series and if you want to know more about The Book of Mormon and its characters, you'll love this series and book. Also, for those who have listvened to tvhe book on CD, you miss out on the Chapter notes at the end of each chapter. I very highly recommend this next installment, but hope to see it come to a huge climax soon, especially since one main character has ended up back home in Utah where he started out from.

I bought my autographed copy from Chris.

Published by: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Published Date: 7 September 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60861-087-7

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