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The Enchanted Tunnel: Book2 Escape From Egypt by Marianne Monson

The Enchanted Tunnel: Book 2 Escape From Egypt by Marianne Monson

Escape To Egypt starts off with the twins in class sharingall their newfound knowledge of pioneer days. When Church is over, they hightail it to the cultural hall to find some pioneer clothing , so they'd fit in better and they are hoping the Enchanted Tunnel will still work tor them. They come prepared this time with snack food, better shoes and a GPS.
When they come out at the end of the tunnel, they find themselves amidst palm trees and desert. And, it's very hot. Nathan and Aria come upon Rachel and Eli, two kids approximately their own age. The twins, with help from the GPS, are able to understand their language and find they are in Egypt at the time of the exodus.
Nathan tastes a leek that he doesn't like, as it tastes like an onion. They were shown how the people painted their doors with lamb's blood to keep the last plague from hitting their home. They have a passover feast with Rachel's and Eli's family before leaving on the exodus.
When the twins say goodbye, they don't realize they will be helping Eli find his family. They decide to help Eli, rather than try to find the cave. They wind up helping Eli get through the parting of the Red Sea, even for Aria getting help from Moses. They aren't sure they will find the cave since they can't go through the Red Sea.
When they do find the cave, and find themselves back in the Cultural Hall, they see their mom scolding them for getting dirty again.
Bothbooks have fun facts and interesting reading selections for further information. And, there are more volumes on the way for those hooked on these first two like I am. I will be giving these to my 9 year old granddaughter for Christmas.

I received this review copy from Deseret Books.

Published by: Deseret Books
Date Published: October 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60641-670-9

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