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Becoming Kate by Dixie Owens

Becoming Kate by Dixie Owens

This stunning debut novel by Dixie Owens is just the perfect novel to curl up with. Liz Lindsay, a twenty-nine year old wife and mother to two young children, doesn't know that today will be her last day of life as she knows it. When Liz is hit head-on by a semi, she wakes up in the hospital in the body of eleven year old Kate, who has spent most of her life in the hospital.
With this devastating turn of events, Liz finds she has retained all her memories of her former life and with the help of Marcy, her Physical Therapist, is able to keep abreast of the comings and goings of her family.

Kate/Liz become embroiled in a media frenzy when Kate is allowed to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, having the news media camped out in her new family's yard.
Dr. Jamison, the surgeon who performed the Brain Transplant, wants to keep Kate/Liz in the hospital as long as possible. He needs to feel in control of his special patient, who he suspects is very unique, as she is the only Brain Transplant patient of his to survive and he wants to find out why.

Kate's new brother, fifteen year old Josh, feels left out because of all the concern for Kate, so becomes filled with resentment towards Kate. When Kate/Liz comes up with words and phrases only an adult should know, he becomes suspicious, believing Kate to be "possessed."

When Kate/Liz asks Marcy to help her to attend her own funeral, things get out of hand, as they need to make sure Kate is not seen for a couple of hours.
When Liz sees her family, it's all she can do not to tell them she is basically alive. She comes to realize that love is the most important thing in her life, knowing she loves her new family more than ever.
This is such a unique story and is well-written. I would very highly recommend this debut novel.
I received this review copy from Cedar Fort.

Published by: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Date Published: July 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59955-402-0

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