Monday, December 27, 2010

Souls of Valor by Trudi Jackson

Souls of Valor by Trudi Jackson

This stunning debut historical novel by Trudi Jackson, Cheri Crane's younger sister, was a big page-turner. I felt like I was right there experiencing everything that was happening.

This story takes place during the First World War in the deep trenches of France. When Alex Cannigan, an embittered former soldier who was injured in the war, crosses Elizabeth Randolph's doorstep in Gray's Harbor, Idaho, both their lives change in ways neither expects.
Elizabeth leaves her home in Boston when her family and those around her scorn her for joining The Mormon Church. She finds the answer to her prayers by an ad in the newspaper for a schoolteacher in a one-room schoolhouse in the middle of nowhere. She learns how to take care of herself, faces the elements with courage, faith and determination, even to tangling with the children she teaches.
When Alex has issues with believing in a God who allows pain and suffering, Elizabeth attempts to teach him about God's love. When both Elizabeth and Alex find trouble with a couple of outlaws, they get their friends to help them thwart them.
When Elizabeth finds her father sick with the Influenza, she goes to his bedside. With this epidemic sweeping all over the world, with people of all ages and from all walks of life being stricken, Elizabeth and Alex are overburdened with challenges.
This is a sweeping historical novel with deep characters throughout, making you come to feel close to them. Trudi has done an outstanding job of writing about this troubling time in America's history. I guarantee you will treasure ths book as I did. Bravo, Trudi!!!
I received my revew copy from Granite.

Published by: Granite Publishing & Distribution LLC
Date Publishing: March 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59936-051-5

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