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Choosing Charity by Terri Ferran


I had planned on having my son print my pdf on my new printer, but due to not having a cable for the printer and having already reading my copy on my monitor, decided to continue doing so.
In this last in the Trilogy, Kit really comes full circle when she receives a strange letter and request from her birth mom's attorney, requesting DNA evidence that she is indeed her biological daughter she tossed away in a dumpster outside a train station. Since she was planning a trip to Ventura to visit her newly divorced mother, she was able to schedule this meeting with the attorney and her biogogical mother at the same time. When she met Alicia, she couldn't believe how cold, arrogant and hateful her birth mother is. When she finds out all she wants from "Katherine" is part of her liver to save her sixteen year old daughter Charity's life and is willing to pay her for doing so, Kit turns her down and storms out of the office.
When Kit asks her new husband Adam for guidance and prays about it, she feels peace about it, knowing she needs to do this, but when meeting with Alicia again, makes the stipulation that she needs to meet Charity before she'll agree, and to know from Alicia why she threw her away. Alicia reluctantly agrees and Kit gets the DNA testing done, plus the further tests and is told she is a match, but is declined.
When the two sisters meet, it is instant love and friendship. When Alicia is told that Kit cannot donate part of her liver, she becomes irate, telling Kit she cannot ever see or talk to Charity again.
With her parents recently divorced and both seriously dating, Kit is having serious abandonment issues, but finally is ok with it, even when her dad remarries a lady in The Church. And, when Adam suggests a family fast for Charity when Charity takes a turn for the worse, her old friend Claire asks if she can donate and so does her dad and new stepmom.
When Kit gets depressed over Alicia's tirades, she finally prays about changing her feelings towards her and proceeds to write a letter to her, forgiving her for abandoning her in that trash can so many years ago. The ending may or not surprise you, but it is a powerful one. The scene towards the end in the grocery store is amazingly hilarious. Would never have thought something like that happening there, of all places. lol I would love to see that scene in a movie.
I would like to see a book on Charity and see if she and Mark get together after his mission and to see if Alicia comes around.

I give Charity 5 stars.

Publisher: Cedar Fort
Date Published: July 2012
ISBN: 978-1-

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