Thursday, August 30, 2012

Having Hope by Terri Ferran


When I signed on in July to be a part of this blog tour of Terri's last book in her Faith, Hope and Charity Trilogy, I was certain I would get the Hope and Charity books read and posted on my blog by my scheduled date, which is tomorrow. I have both Faith and Hope books and if you want to read my review on Faith, just click on my archives for '08. With me over my Chemo and cancer, I felt these two books would get read, but didn't bank on my getting very sick, not being able to do anything but sleep and vomit for two weeks straight, winding up in the ER twice and being admitted the second time for two days,winding up with a UTI and being given plasma and blood. I'm back to normal and am happy to announce both books are read. So, here are my reviews from the Teri with ONE R.
Kit Matthews has been waiting for two years for her missionary Adam Bridger. Of all days to get sick is the day Adam gets home, so she stays home. After Adam's been home for awhile, Kit feels she needs something to do with her life, but feels serving a mission isn't for her, but when her best friend Tara wants to go to Roumania for three months to work in a hospital and orphonge, she jumps at the chance to make a difference.
She prays about her decision, letting doubt creep in. With help from her parents, she is able to borrow half the money. Tara's cousin Amanda and her friend Kellie also sign up and the four girls embark on a life changing journey.
Kit was able to send e-mails to Adam, her mom and to Adam's teenaged sister to keep updated on things at home. She gets attached to a few babies and chldfren,feeling sad for all the neglect and lack of love.
Kit shares her testimony with members of the branch and also meets Marcel, a medical student she shares a love for the children with and also shares the Gospel with. When Marcel shows a side of himself that shocks Kit,she wonders if he's being honest about his feelings about being baptized for the right reason.
When she gets news from home that her family is deteriating, she wonders if she needs to leave Roumania.
She learns that she has made a difference, but not in the way she thought. I loved this book, but felt her insecurities a little much with her strong testimony. I couldn't stand Amanda. Thought she was very selfish and immature.

I give this 5 stars.

I received this book from Terri back in '09.
Publisher: Bonneville Books
Date Published: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59955-233-0