Thursday, November 29, 2012

All I Want by Jolene Perry, Kaylee Baldwin & Rachael Anderson

When I was approached by Kathy Habel to participate in this blog tour, I was tickled to do so, as I absolutely adore Christmas novels,esp Debbie Macomber's and her Shirley, Goodness and Mercy novels, of which her newest just came to me today and will be reading as soon as I finish blogging on this fun trio of stories. So, here goes.

Pretty Near Perfect by Jolene Perry

Of the three, this was my least favorite, only because I love my Christmas novels to have tons of Christmas imagery with all things to invision and this story lacked this for me, but the things that I did love, was the fact that I do believe in love at first sight, as my husband and I did, as Norah and Collin do and we're able to see this through their eyes as the story evolves from a POV, as each chapter is told from Norah's and Collin's POV.  This is something I've never come across before, which intrigued me. 
Norah is spending Christmas with her deceased fiancee's parents and feels sort've uncomfortable.  Collin spends Christmas with his roommate's family, which makes rather an interesting situation. 
My deceased hubby Bob and I met at a single's activity 12 day's after his wife's funeral.  A week later, at a dance at his Stake Center, he walks right by me and my best friend of 35 years and I call out, "Hi Bob, and he's asking himself do I know this lady. He mentions this to me later and to people we tell this story to, say I must've made quite an impact on Bob, if he couldn't remember meeting me that first time!!!  LOL  We actually never had an actual date before we got engaged!!!!  We met on the 12th of April, got engaged on my grandfather's BD on 1 June and were married on the 12th of Sep '80.  His first marriage to Barbara was a quick courtship, even quicker than ours, as theirs was a blind date like my parents was, though there's was a computer dance at BYU in '65.  Anyway, Norah and Collin spent Christmas by themselves, which was perfect.

Six Days of Christmas by Kaylee Baldwin

I absolutely adored this cute novel..  It had everything I love about Christmas, my favorite time of the year.  Natalie and Janessa are best friends and have been for most of their lives.  Natalie works for an Ad Company and she's been given an assignment to come up with aslogan for blocks and she needs to come up with something over the holidays and is having problems.  She hates Christmas, as her parents were always traveling, so she never did Christmas.  She and her boyfriend are workaholics, having everything planned out.  When Janessa's baby brother Jimmy unexpectedly comes home for Christmas, things have a way of turning upside down.  She finds herself enjoying the  festivities with the entire family, realizing her feelings for Jimmy are more than she bargained for. 

Twist of Fate by Rachael Anderson

When Ty finds a postcard meant for his neighbor's mailbox in his mailbox, he realizes it's from her fiance, saying he is breaking up with her and won't be coming back, but is marrying someone else, Ty is torn over what to do.  Ty has fallen for Kenzie and wonders if by letting nature taking its course, that Kenzie just might fall for Ty.  When Kenzie realizes she has feelings for Ty, she's torn over letting her fiance know she's not wanting to marry him.  And, when Ty's controlling mother steps in with help from Kenzie, sparks fly. 
These three short Christmas stories are a perfect start to a great and cozy season of reading.
I give All I Want 5 Stars.
I received my pdf copy from Kathy.

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Date Published: October 15, 2012
ISBN: 978-1480115231


Inspired Kathy said...

Thanks for reviewing this one :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Rachael Renee Anderson said...

Thanks for the great review Teri!