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When Chris first approached me through e-mail to see if I'd be interested in reviewing Let It Go, he'd attached info on him and his book and I knew wholeheartedly I had to read and review this heartwrenching, soul-stirring journey he'd set down on paper to share.  When mycopy arrived in the mail on Sat., the 1st of Dec, I had just started the new Angels At The Table by Debbie Macomber, but took Chris's book and read this emotional and very spiritual journey, feeling I was sittingnext to Chris the entire time.  It wasn't until afew pages into Let It Go that I realized I had              read about this incredibly tragic event on the news and internet.
On the evening of Feb 9, 2007 (my almost 2 year old great-niece Leah's BD) Chris and his family (wife Michelle; 11 year old son Ben; 9 year old daughter Anna and their unborn son William) are on their way home from eating out for dinner.  Their oldest son, Michael was visiting a friend.  The road they were on was a busy one that Friday night, as the local high school basketball game at Skyline High had just finished.  Within a few minutes, Chris and his family went through the worst imaginable moment ever, when a 17 year old high school student, who'd been drinking crossed the median at a very high rate of speed, killing half of Chris's family immediately.  His 6 year old son Sam survived. 
When Chris noticed that all three of his family members were dead, he looked out the window, wondering what had happened, when a voice in his head said, "Let It Go."  He knew that voice was The Savor.
When I was talking to my caregiver and dear friend from The Church how Chris was able to immediately forgive the young man who took his family from him in an instant, she couldn't believe it.  I could, because there's no other option if we're to expect blessings from Our Heavenly Father and Our Savior. 
Even though Chris was a bishop at the time of the crash, he was kept in as his ward's Bishop.  Because of his humbleness and being teachable, his congregation and the community were able to come together and heal.  And, when another tragedy occurs shortly after this, what Chris had asked of everyone around the country was to write or e-mail his sons sharing random acts of kindness, which I remember doing, sharing my story of forgiving a friend of abusing me, writing a long letter of forgiveess and Steve wrote me, telling me I had no idea how much my letter meant to him.  It's such a wonderful feeling when you've personally forgiven someone who's hurt you, knowing that after years of anger and bitterness, that "Letting It Go" brings that total lifting of that burden right off your shoulder.  I've had this happen twice, first time when I asked Heavenly Father's forgiveness for living unrighteously for six years.  I literally sobbed that time and the feeling was a very peaceful one.  We need to forgive to be able to receive those wonderful blessings we need and desire.  The punishment is much more severe and life-threatening to our very souls thanto the one who offended, as Heavenly Father and Our Savior loves ALL His children unconditonally and it's up to Him who He forgives.  My husband and I never went to sleep without saying I was sorry.
A few months after the crash, Chris started dating and was married to a young widow with 2 young children, Mikkel Jones.  They now have 2 daughters of their own.
I would very highly recommend this book as a great teaching tool on forgiveness.  And, just to let you know, I married a widower and helped him raise Mary, his 6 year old.  Widowers make great husbands  and his humor was great.

I give this book 5 stars.

I received my autographed ARC from Chris.

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Date Published: August 2012

ISBN: 978-1-60907-127-1


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