Monday, November 12, 2012

Faith, Hope And Gravity by Merrill Osmond & Shirley Bahlmann

When I first read about Merrill's debut novel on Amazon just days after reading about his memoirs on Amazon, and reading a couple reviews, I knew I had to review this amazing debut.  Since Shirley is adear friend of whom I shared two spiritual stories in her Friends From Beyond The Veil, I knew she would have an ARC for me.  It took me awhile to get past the first two chapters, mainly due to watching tons of Hallmark Movies and other movies on my computerso since I'm set for several blog tours in the next fewweeks, I wanted to get this book read and reviewed, so here goes.

When the story begins, we find Liam Kane, a young 12 year old boy from Hawaii, that lives with his Hawaiian mother and Caucasian father, who is  a commercial pilot who flies all over the world with his mother never having left her native Hawaii.  When Liam's mom asks him to run to the store, he gets attacked by two boys, Dirk and Tomoya, causing injuries that would land him in the hospital and keep him home and being homeschooled for a time.  Liam has the gift of being able to know what will happen to him, and is also able to swim with the dolphins.  His parents decide to send Liam to England to his Uncle's to work for 3 months.  Atg first, Liam doesn't want to go and leave his mother, but she feels learning to work would be good for him.

While Liam was being attacked, he finds a little dog being abused by Dirk, so decides to take him home.  

During Liam's adventures, he seems to have Cory, a specal friend just appear when he needs him.  With Tomoya following him to England, he finds out he was sent to watch over him. Liam seems to not be willing to forgive Tomoya for his injuries, yet Tomoya sticks by him through everything, from their adventures in England, Stonehenge, Italy, France, South Africa, Australia, then Mexico.  When he predicts that the plane he was going to be on will crash, he is pursued all over the world, even being  kidnapped and landing in prison.  He finally forgives both Tomoya and Dirk, learning a thing or two about how we each need to treat people and learn how our talents, when used in the right way for good and to do God's work, that we'll find true peace and happiness, that God gave us special  talents to help others. 

I loved this book and didn't put it down untl I finished it.  I can see a sequel you two.  This book will stay with you for a long time afterwards.  And, when a book brings tears after the last page, you know it's a keeper.  Thanks Merrill and Shirley  for a wonderful journey.

Publisher:  CreateSpace

Date Published:  2012

ISBN:  978-1477681787


I received my ARC from Shirley Bahlmann.    

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