Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas In Bliss by Michele Ashman Bell: A Christmas Booklet

This new Christmas booklet from my dear friend Michele was very warmhearted and just the type of Christmas story I love.
Vicki is on her to her parents home in Salt Lake to spend Christmas.  Since flying would be too expensive, she drives from her home in Tillamook, Oregon, where she works for the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  She is bringing homemade gifts and a few from the Cheese Factory to share.  When she gets stuck in a blizzard near Bliss, Idaho, she decides to stop at a Truck Stop to wait until the snow plows do their job. 
Vicki finds a few families and others stranded inside the Truck Stop and when a few children complain that they are hungry, both she and Brian, the truck driver that almost sent her off the highway, go out to his truck to get a few toys from the shipment he was hauling for his injured brother and felt it would be ok to share afew with these few children and Nicki to share her food. 
This turns out to be the best Christmas they all would remember for a long time,  especially as they learned just what it means to give of oneself during the Christmas season.
I give this booklet 5 stars.

I received this booklet from Michele in today's mail.

Publisher:  Covenant Communications
Date Published:  Nov 2012
ISBN:  978-1- 62108-021-3

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