Saturday, November 10, 2012

Once Upon A Baby: A Tale of Adoption by Shari Guess and Illustrated by Kate Featherstone

When I was approached about participating in this blog tour, I eagerly accepted, as my oldest daughter had placed her baby daughter with LDS Social Services to be adopted.  Our entire family was affected by the circumstances in which our daughter became pregnant at age 15 1/2 back in '89.  We all were connected with Lauren and her family in June '09 just before Lauren headed off to BYU-Provo.  Our daughter kept in contact with Lauren and her parents through letters sent from LDS Social Services.  My deceased hubby received inspiration of when Lauren was sealed to her adoptive parents.
This simply written and illustrated little book was sent to me the day I was asked to participate in this blog tour.  I proceeded to read this quick read within 5 minutes.  It explains so simply and beautifully how a woman sometimes through no fault of her own or her husband's not able to have a baby, so they decide to go through the  adoption process.  I really liked how Shari incorporates the "Tummy Mommy" into the explanation, so a younger child can truly understand this amazing journey.
The last and most important step that this little gem of a book shares with its readers is how so very special and spiritual it is to go to the Temple and be sealed for Time and All Eternity, making that wonderful journey complete.

I totally recommend this book for anyone considering adoption or even those not. 
I give this a 5 star rating. 
I received this as a PDF copy from Kathy, who is in charge of this tour.

Published by:  Narrow Trail Publishing

Date Published:  July 1, 2012

ISBN:  978-0985859008


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