Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have been a huge fan of Debbie's angel books with those enchanting and adorably mischievious Shirley, Goodness and Mercy.  Now, in this Christmas offering, we have a new addition and it is Will, the new Ambassador Trainee, suggested by a devoted fan of Debbie's.  And, it was a very ingenious idea. 

The unflappable trio have been assigned to take Will under their wings, so to speak, and they dcide to take him down to Earth to "mingle" with humans.  When the trio disappear, Wll decides to cause a couple of strangers to literally "bump" into each other in the middle of Times Square just minutes before midnight on New Year's Eve. 
When Aren Fairchild and Lucie Farrara "accidentally" bump into each other, they   immediately bond, spending several hours together, but when their meeting atop the Empire State Building a week later, is missed, it takes the Heavenly Angels a bit of time getting them together after almost a year later. 
Lucie is a chef of an up-and-coming restaurant called Heavenly Delights and she runs it with her mom, Wendy.  Aren is a writer,who has just taken a job as the Food Critic with the Gazette, but writes under a pen name, Eaton Well, which he's not allowed to expose, as he's under contract, so when Shirley, Goodness, Mercy and Will attempt to intervene or help by adding spices to a sole dish Aren is tasting, he  writes an honest review of the food, saying it was awful, it causes Lucie to feel angry, but when Aren returns to write another review, adding her statements, he hopes she will read it, knowing he is Eaton Well, but the the Angels intervene again, trying to keep Lucie from  getting close to a newspaper.  Everytime the Angels attempt to help, they cause calamity and mayhem galore.  From angels in a Christmas Angel Broadway play being miracously uplifted on stage to a camel being chased in the middle of New York City, you have a hilarious Christmas tale.
If you've never read these Christmas Angel books, go to your friendly library, bookstore or Amazon and get yourself a copy.   These are so delightful, just the right thing to snuggle up with on a winter's day, with a cup of Hot Chocolate, Cider or Ovaltine, which I drink.

I got my copy from my local library.
I give this 5 stars.

Publisher:  Ballantine Books

Date Published:  October 2012

ISBN: 978-0-345-52887-2


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