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When I signed up for this Blog Tour, I didn't realize then how timely this book was going to be, what with the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut on 14 Dec.  We need to seriously address our Mental Health issues here and globally.  This book sheds so much light on why we have such a problem and it begins with society turning away from God and gravitating towards Satan.  This fantastic book shows us who suffer from Depression and Anxiety, how to cope and man age their depression.  This book needs to be read and pondered by everyone 14-90, as this is an issue that has  reached epidemic proportions globally.
Both Lacy and Gary explain so eloquently, how to change these life-defeating behaviors that allow us to cave into mountains of despair.  Lacy shares how she was basically negative by nature.  She had a pony given to her by her parents when she was around 7.  That pony was old, so after several years of riding and caring for him, he suddenly  dies and she became so heartbroken, it was difficult to bounce back and depression set in over time.  It's quite normal to become sad over the death of a loved one, but we need to focus on the positive, or we'll lose ourselves to that darkness where Satan wants us.
We have R rated movies, violence in our video games, drugs, etc, it's no wonder that depression sets in  and controls us.  Lacy and Gary explain that the w ay to bring the light into our lives is to focus on good music, uplifting movies, scriptures, good friends who have positive, upbeat personalities to keep healthy.  Also, eating healthy foods can keep depression and anxiety away.  Our sleep habits play a big part of how our moods are.  Having plenty of Vitamin D keeps depression down.  We know that when you turn off a light in a room, darkness takes over, but when the light is on, darkness cannot get in.  And, when we're surrounded by darkness, we have difficulty seeing or navigating, but when we have light all around us, we can literally see everything, so if we let His Light shine brightly, the darkness of Satan has no power. 
Our Savior Jesus Christ, when he was in Gethsemene, was tempted by Satan, but overcame that temptation.  When Jesus was on the Cross, he was in the depths of despair, as His Father didn't help Him, and yet, He didn't give up.  When Joseph Smith was praying in the Sacred Grove, he had the most gut-wrenching feeling come over him, he knew it was from Satan and he had to fight to keep from being overtaken by that evil darkness, when all of a sudden, the brightest light he'd ever witnessed and felt, came over him and he saw two Heavenly beings, God The Father and His Son.  Isn't it great to ponder that we have two sons, Jesus Christ, who is The son and who is The Light and the sun, which also gives us light.  So, inessence, if both Joseph and Our Savior and older brother, Jesus Christ, can conquer depression and the depths of despair, then those who suffer from Depression and Anxiety, can do so, especially with The Savior's help.  He is there with us in our darkest hour. 
There are several blank pages for note taking, if needed.
I give this amazing book 5 stars.

Publisher: Cedar Fort, inc.
Date Published: January 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1148-0

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