Wednesday, December 26, 2012


When I first was asked to participate in tour, the title caught my eye, so was intrigued.  I was not disappointed.  This book should be recommended reading for all mothers and teen daughters.  It addresses the virginity issue that teens are facing today.
Valerie Jensen is a senir at my old alma mater Huntington Beach High.  She has made a promise to herself to stay a virgin until she's married.  She was adopted and her biological mother left her a letter and a necklace, explaining how she got pregnant   and to give her advice on how to avoid getting pregnant before marriage. 
The day she and her boyfriend Zack get too cozy, she stops him, telling him she's not having sex until she's married.  This comes as a shock, so Zack dumps her, which breaks her heart.  At school the next day, while standing on a table in the Cafeteria,she lets everyone know what happened, and it's not until later that she finds out someone videore cored her onto YouTube and it goes viral. 
From there, Val starts her own website, is able to get her jewelry line marketed, a foundation started and cause the hottest rock star to take her on as a challenge.  Val designs her necklace and bracelet with either a V for Virgn or an A for Abstinence.  Girls and guys all over YouTube are clamoring for these jewelry items.   Kyle Hamilton writes a song for her, claiming it a love song, which she thinks is nothing but a sex song.  She hates his taunting and the way he treats her.  He also writes an entire album    for her, which she loathes. 
She gets support from a popular LDS guy who she really likes, who becomes her boyfriend.  When he breaks it off later inthe year, she's crushed, but gets comfort from an unexpected source.  When her best friend pulls a dirty trick on her that turns out better than she realizes, she has second thoughts about her feelings for Kyle.
In the aftermath, Val is invited to appear on a TV Talk Show that is centered around the whereabouts of celebrities and she is united with her birth mom and Kyle, who         she hadn't seen in four years. 
I highly recommend this book to teens, as Kelly uses the lingo that teens use.  And, I'm a grandmother of two teenagers and a pre-teen. 

I give this book a huge 5 stars.
I received my pdf copy from Kathy Habel.

Publisher:  Bluefield Creative
Date Published : December 5 2012
ISBN:  978-0-98562-772-0

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