Sunday, July 21, 2013


This is a book I've needed in my life, as a couple situations have occurred that prayers have helped me with.  I've always taken problems to The Lord, getting the calmness and peace that comes with prayers.  Because of my mobility issues the past few years, I've not been able to get on my knees to do my prayers.

The thing i like so much about this book is how it's laid out with stories that Diony herself has experienced, from helping a young mother find the perfect skirt to wear to Church, from Joseph Smith's keeping the Gold Plates safe, from Corrie Ten Boom's facing her SS guard from the concentration camp after the war and forgiving him after her prayer, from the time her son from Alaska called, saying he needed her to pray for him when he couldn't after needing emergency surgery from the time she was able to finish sewing her daughter's wedding dress by asking Heavenly Father for help for the time her husband was late getting home from a late night meeting from work.  When we take our problems to the Lord in prayer, He will answer them in His way and time.

I would recommend this fast read to anyone having struggles with prayer. 

I received my Kindle copy from CFI.

Publisher:  Cedar Fort, Inc.
Published Date: July 9, 2013
ASIN: B00E0218X2

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