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When I first received my pdf of Jay's book from his niece Amy, who also published this book, I needed a kindle version for my pc, so I found a used copy on amazon for 4.00 that turned out to be a new copy, so I had it easy to read for my hands.  I absolutely adored Jay's Stages and the way he laid out his life for all to read and enjoy.

From his early days on The Andy Williams Show when he would smile with those toothless smiles to the current days touring with Merrill and Jimmy, you know how genuine Jay really is.  We learn how great a drummer he truly is, that he dated Debbie before Donny did, that he has a fantastic sense of humor and is the best friend anyone can ask to have.  Jay is also the first Osmond to go to college and actually work outside of show business.  Jay even met his wife while working in the admissions office at BYU.  Jay took time off from show business, believing he needed to find out who Jay really was, so much as to hibernate in his apartment for a time.  When Jimmy and Merrill asked him to join them in touring when Wayne had to retire after his stroke, he was more than willing to help.  This is a family that sticks together like no other.  Jay has said he could never be a solo act like Donny, Marie, Jimmy or Merrill.  Jay has a penchant for details, like names, dates and places like I do, so Jay, if you ever read this, we need to meet.  and, make sure you bring Merrill and Jimmy. LOL

Jay has been an exceptional Home Teacher, going the extra mile, always calling his families when he's on the road or making sure he gets someone to check on them.  Jay is now finally a grandfather.  Once he felt sorry he'd never served a regular mission for The Church, but after talking with his Home Teacher one day, he came to realize all The Osmonds performing had been set apart as special missionary ambassadors and they hadn't been released, so he said he needed to do his part. 

One time while performing, Alan got too close to Jay, causing him to break Jay's nose.  I know the feeling, as my sister Debbie kicked me, causing her to break my nose.  I was around 20, she 15.  Anyway, they finished their performance, then Jay was taken to the ER for sutures.  For the longest time, Jay was angry with Alan, but did finally forgive him.  Jay is very sensitive, even though he is easy-going.

Jay was against the building of their studio in Orem, but was great in producing the show and doing the Choreography.

If you like autobiographies like I do, you'll love Jay's, as you'll come to know the real, up close and personal Jay Osmond.

I got my pdf copy from Amy Osmond Cook and bought my hardbound copy from amazon.

Publisher:  Sourced Media Books
Date Published: January 1,  2010
ISBN: 978-0-9841068-4-4

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