Monday, August 12, 2013


When I started to read this enchanting and funny modern telling of Jane Austen's Emma, I didn't knows what to expect.  The first two chapters din't quite hook me like Persuasion did, but it finally hooked me.
Emma works as a receptionist for a dentist, but is bored by not having a more importan job.  Her mother, by the time she had reached Emma's age of 23, had accomplished much more, so she felt like she could never accomplish anything or measure up to her mom.   She even placed an ad in a paper looking for a friend,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                but not love.  She started Life Coaching a new young girl she felt needed help, but when Harri had issues with Emma's meddling, she finally realizes it's her life that needs fixing. 
She tries fixing harri up with Phil when Phil doesn't like Harri, when Harri seemed interested in Rob who was interested, but Emma was against the match and thought Harri was interested in Hank, wsho was actually in love with someone else.  Emma thought Hank was interested in her and when their friend Jena, popular country singer who just wanted some normal time with her mom was upset with all the fans hanging out at her front porch, she caused some problems for Emma.  She realized when Harri had feelings for Justin, Emma's best friend, that she loved JustinThere were a few very funny scenes, the first being when the Thanksgiving Turkey caused a few problems and the skiing trip caused even more mayhem.
I look forward to more good stories from Rebecca, as she is now a favorite of mine

I received my Kindle copy from Cedar Fort.
Publisher:  Cedar Fort, Inc.
Date Published:  August 13, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-46211-260-9

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