Monday, August 12, 2013


I had this book beside me next to my keyboard as a book to read next,  but it took awhile.  Becky told me early this year I was on her list for the blog tour for Emma, so I was able to read this excellent debut novel just two weeks ago. 
Anne Wentworth is a young 27 year old CPA in Virginia, helping her family in selling their old family home.  When she finds the brother of her ex-fiance has bought the house, she is uncertain of what to do or how to react.  When Neil starts dating a young friend o hers, she realizes she still has feelings for him.  When she was dating Neil years earlier, her parents were not supportive of their dating, esp with Neil wanting to be a police officer and not having a college degree and that she was just 19.
She starts dating a guy that seems nice, but too polished for her.  She starts feeling as if this guy is stalking her, so Neil and some strangers help keep her safe.
I liked all the characters except for her mother, sister Mary and the floozy dating Anne's dad.
This was a light read, but I thooughly enjoyed this debut romantic novel.

I bought my copy from amazon.

Publisher:  Cedar Fort, Inc.
Date Published:  feb 14,  2012
ISBN: 978-1-59955-947-6

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